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“ my soul” pours forth her- | ed, in the morning of that self in the expansion of my day which never shall have hands, which being in her- end; “for in Thee is my self dry and barren of conso- | trust:" not in myself, nor lation “gaspeth unto Thee,” | in any help of man, for it is the Fountain of living but vain ; and so will prove waters, and Well-spring of my trust in Thee also, exDivine graces, even “as a | cept I obey Thy will, and thirsty land” gaspeth to be | walk in Thy ways: the filled and satisfied with rain which that I may do, I from Heaven.

humbly beg “shew Thou 7. “ Hear me, O Lord,” | me the way of Thy laws, watering my thirsty soul and the paths of Thy comwith the celestial dew of mandments, “wherein I Thy Divine grace; “and should walk :” as leading that soon;" delay not to to my native home of Heasatisfy the thirst of my soul, ven, where my immortal which is great ; “for my soul was first framed by spirit waxeth faint:" bath the hands of the Almighty; lost its wonted fervour of “for unto Thee, O Lord, do devotion, being oppressed I lift up my soul,” which with the burden of her sins, / being made after Thine and destitute of the sweet image, aspires to become refreshments and influences perfect in the beatifical of Thy Holy Spirit : “hide vision and fruition of Thy not Thy face from me," as sacred Majesty. In which one turns away his face ! way being sore let and hinfrom his enemy, or one with dered, it implores Thy assistwhom he is justly offended, , ance, saying, “ lest I be like unto them 9.“ Deliver me from mine that go down into the pit.” enemies, O God:” both visiIf thou look not in mercy ble and invisible, ghostly upon me, I shall be in the and bodily adversaries: “for same condition with them I flee unto Thee," when asthat are involved in the pit saulted by them, “to hide both of sin and of death. Ime” under the covert of Thy

8. “ ( let me hear," be protection, from all the made sensible of “ Thy lov- storms of temptations which ing-kindness betimes in the daily arise in the tumultumorning:" early and be- ous sea of this life. times in this life; and after 10. “ Teach me," who am the night of this life is end- naturally blind and careless

of my duty,“ to do the ! of trouble," delivering me thing that pleaseth Thee;" from whatever disturbs the not only to know, but to do peace of my soul, and hinThy will; not to follow | ders her progress in the way mine own pleasure, but to Heaven. what is pleasing and accept- 12. “ And of Thy goodable unto Thee: “ for Thou ness slay mine enemies," art my God;" Who hast mortify in me all unruly created and redeemed me: lusts and passions that reand that I may be thorough- bel against reason and relily sanctified, “ let Thy lov- gion, "and destroy all them ing Spirit," the Spirit of that vex my soul ;" by love and verity, “ lead me exciting and fomenting the forth” in the straight di- flesh against the spirit, the rect way that leads “into sensual against her rational the land of righteousness." faculties, that the whole That is the promised land, may be obedient unto Thee; the celestial Canaan, where “ for I am Thy servant." alone is perfect, everlasting Created, redeemed, not to righteousness, in the bliss- serve my own lusts, and ful Presence of the God of exorbitant passions, but to Righteousness.

be sanctified or devoted 11. “Quicken me, 01 wholly to serve Thee, in Lord,” who am dull and holiness and righteousness dead-hearted, and faint in before Thee, all the days of the way towards the land of my life. And so shali my the living;“ for Thy Name's soul praise Thee with joyful sake,” which I invoke and lips, and say, adore : “and for Thy right- Giory be to the Father, &c. eousness' sake," not for mine, As it was in the beginwhich is little, and good for ning, &c. little, “ bring my soul out |


DEVOUT SOUL. “BLESSED are they that | This present life is to the mourn, for they shall be religious, heavenly-minded comforted 6."

Christian, a “ valley of b Matt. v. 4.

tears ;" whose heart, broken I a glass darkly, but face to with godly sorrow, is “a face'?” “ to behold the fair well from whence the pools beauty of the Lord," to are filled with waterc," or the ravishing of my soul their eyes run over with with His transcendent pertears.

fections ? Great are the consolations 2. The second kind of of these spiritual mourners, tears, are such as flow from both in this life " they go the heart that is pierced from strength to strength" with godly sorrow for sin. but more especially in the So it follows ; “ My tears life to come ; “ For unto the have been my meat day and God of gods shall every one night: while they daily say appear in Sion.”

unto me, Where is now thy There are two kinds of Godh?” such saving tears ; or two 1 What else but sorrow springs from whence these and sadness can seize and healing waters flow : the possess the religious soul, one from above, the other from whom God is estrangfrom beneath.

ed for sin : whilst the devil 1. The first are such tears and his angels triumphing, as issue from the heart that insult over her being thus is wounded with the love of forsaken, saying, “ Where is Christ; and inflamed with now thy God ?” ardent desires of a more Both these sorts of tears near and immediate union St. Augustine begged of and communion with God, God, under the notions of Who is Father, Son, and“ the upper and the nether Holy Ghost, in the Heaven springs," which Achsah of Heavens : wishing with begged of her father Caleb. strong cryings and tears, 1 And this is also my humand saying,

ble suit unto the Lord my “ My soul is athirst for God, and my Father ; That God, even for the living it may please Him, Who God: when shall I come turneth the hearts of the and appear before the Pre- sons of men as the rivers of sence of Gode ?” When waters, to turn the stream shall I be so happy as to see of my corrupt affections, my God, “not as now in l from the pomps and vanities of this wicked world, and his impurities, and becomes from all the sinful lusts of a mystical “new Heaven the flesh: that I may be and a new earth, in which greatly enamoured with the dwelleth righteousness!.". joys of Heaven, and the ra- | My blessed Redeemer, to vishing beauties of the Di- | fulfil all righteousness, was vine Presence there: and Himself redeemed with a withal, to be deeply sensible pair of turtle doves: and of my sins, which render that I may obtain eternal re me unfit and incapable of demption by Him, amongst admission into the presence other Christian performof the most holy God: but ances, it is but meet I rewithal, not distrusting but turn back this offering unto that, through such mystical my Lord, in the twofold comwaters, the ship of my soul punction of my heart, and shall be wafted to that of my spirit; mourning like haven of peace and felicity, a dove, 1. for my daily backwhere tears shall be wiped | slidings, and the incessant from all eyes, and all heads | temptations I suffer in the crowned with the joy of the house of my pilgrimage here Lord.

e Psalm lxxxiv. 6.

d Psalm 1xxxiv. 7. f1 Cor. xiii. 12. $ Psalm xxyii. 4. h Psalm xlii. 3.

e Psalm xlii. 2. i Joshua xv. 19.

upon earth. 2.“ Groaning

earnestly to be clothed upon THE SECOND MEDITATION.

with our house which is We read, that in the days from Heaven m.” of Noah, “both the win “ They that sow in tears, dows of Heaven were open- shall reap in joy." ed, and the fountains of the “He that now goeth on great deep below were bro- | his way of this life weeping, ken up k;” whence issued and beareth good seed"," that universal deluge which watered with his tears of washed away the sinful pol- | godly sorrow, from whence lutions of the old world. the worthy fruits of true

Thus, by those devout repentance grow; “shall tears which are extorted doubtless come again with through the ardent love of joy,” in the life to come, God, and earnest desires of " and bring his sheaves with Heaven above, together with him ;" the fruits of his good the tears of godly sorrow works being treasured up for sin upon earth below; in the granary of Heaven. the old man is washed from And we are commanded

Gen. vii. 11. 12 Pet. iii. 13. m 2 Cor. v. 2. * Psalm cxxyi. 6.

by our Lord, through alms- | esteem” (saith the seraphic giving, prayer, and fasting, doctor) “all the days of our 6 to lay up for ourselves life too few to appease the treasures in Heaven, where wrath of God with the conneither rust nor moth doth tinual laments and tears of corrupt, and where thieves | penitence.” do not break through and But woe and alas ! my stealo."

heart is hard and stony, and

easily yields to such overTHE THIRD MEDITATION.

| flowing of tears : but I hum“ My son, let tears fall bly beg that it may please down over the dead P," the Lord to smite this rock, (saith Syracides.)

my bardened heart, with the Such tears, as the words rod of His fatherly correcin the common sense in- | tion, that it may be within tend, are frequent enough : me “a well of water springbut, as St. Augustine ob- ing up unto everlasting serves, Non sunt in te vis- | life?." cera misericordice,—Thou hast no true bowels of mer

| THE FOURTH MEDITATION cy, to weep for that death “Hear my prayer, 0 which is no other but the Lord, and with Thine ears separation of the soul from consider my calling; hold the body, and not to weep | not Thy peace at my tears : much more for that death for I am a stranger with which separates God from Theer,” &c. the soul : For as the soul is Hence there is great cause the life of the body, so God for tears to flow, in that my is the life of the soul ; soul being stamped after Whose departure from the the image of my God, and soul for sin, deserves to be having therefore no true lamented with a flood of consolation but in the Lord, tears.

is yet absent in the body, And did we but rightly and estranged from Him, consider the heinousness of through the pressures of every sin we commit, as it this corruptible flesh. is an offence of the infinite o that the serious conMajesty of the most just sideration of this sad conand holy God; “we would | dition of my soul, might o Matt. vi. 20. P Ecclus. xxxviii. 16. 9 John iv. 14.

* Psalm xxxix. 12, 13.

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