Sivut kuvina

deeply wound the same with

I. the piercing darts of a salu O most just and merciful tary repentance, and devout God, Who being by sin ofaffections, to lament my fended art by true repentmanifold iniquities, whichance appeased, be propitious have separated betwixt me to the prayers of Thy faithand my God : to lament the ful people; and in great continual assaults of my | mercy turn away from us ghostly enemies, against the those scourges of Thy wrath innocence and peace of my which our sins have justconscience: to lament the | ly deserved, through Jesus too much estranging of my | Christ our Lord. heart through the coldness

II. of my love to my blessed Creator and Redeemer : to

Remember not, Lord, our lament the great disorder

offences, nor the offences of of my affections, and the

our forefathers, neither take sordid earthiness of my de

Thou vengeance of our sins; sires ; to lament that I am

but spare us, good Lord, so much a stranger to my

spare Thy people, whom

Thou hast redeemed with native home of Heaven, where my immortal soul

Thy precious Blood, and be was originally created, after not angry with us for ever. the image of her Maker,

III. and infused to animate this O God, Whose nature and corruptible flesh: to lament property it is ever to have that my heart is not surely | mercy and to forgive, refixed there, where true joys ceive our humble petitions : are to be found ; but still and though we be tied and cleaves to the dust, wallow-bound with the chain of ing in the mire of sensuality our sins, yet let the pitifuland earthiness, though here ness of Thy great mercy she meets with nothing but loose us, for the honour of what is vanity and vexation Jesus Christ, our Mediator of spirit.

I and Advocate. Amen,




I. THE INCARNATION OF | that my heart and all my

THE SON OF GOD. members may be mortified O most holy and ever from all carnal and worldly blessed Jesus, Who vouch

lusts, and whatever hinders safedst, for the redemption

my regular obedience to of mankind, to be made Thy most holy laws. man; by the blessed merits

IV. BAPTISM. of Thy mysterious incarnation, grant me to become

| By the merits and mysone Spirit with Thee, Who

teries of Thy Baptism in becamest one flesh with me.

the river Jordan, wash me

thoroughly from my wickII. NATIVITY.

edness, and cleanse me from Thou, blessed Lord, wert | my sins, whereby I have unmiraculously born of a pure i hallowed those sacred and immaculate Virgin, by the saving waters of my Bappower of the Holy Ghost tism, and too often perjuriovershadowing her : grant ously broken my vow and me, by the same power of promise made therein. the Most High, to possess a

V. FASTING. pure virgin soul, in a pure and chaste body, and to be! Holy Jesus, Who didst fruitful in all good works.

fast forty days and forty

| nights, forgive me the maniIII. CIRCUMCISION.

fold acts of gluttony and Holy Jesus, Who vouch- / drunkenness, riot and excess, safedst to be circumcised whereof I have been guilty : the eighth day, and made and by the virtue and power obedient to the law, for of Thy miraculous fast, man ; grant unto me, Igrant me the mastery over humbly beg, the true cir- my rebellious appetite to cumcision of the Spirit, | live soberly, that I may also

live righteously and godly | VIII. HE IS CONSPIRED Ain this present world.

GAINST, AND BETRAYED. VI. TEMPTATION. Holy Jesus, Who didst Holy Jesus, Who being condescend to have Thy prefasting was tempted of the cious life conspired against devil, and overcame him ; by the Jews, and to be begrant me, by the influences trayed and sold by one of of Thy blessed Spirit, so de- | Thine own disciples for a voutly to intend the holy | vile price, deliver me from duties of fasting and prayer, the conspiracies of all mine that by the power of Thy | enemies, ghostly and bodivictory over the devil, I may ly ; and especially from the have strength and power to treachery and corruption of triumph over “the devil, the mine own deceitful heart, world, and the flesh, and to and from the rebellion of continue Thy faithful ser- my flesh, which for vile vant and soldier to my life's | things and of no value daily end."

betray my soul into the VII. DOCTRINE AND | hands, and under the power EXAMPLE

and bondage of sin and Holy Jesus, Who being in

Satan, the great enemies augurated in Thy propheti- of my life in grace and cal office by Baptism, and

glory. confirmed by the vanquish

IX. HIS AGONY IN THE ment of the devil, went

GARDEN. about preaching the Gospel, doing good, healing all man- / Holy Jesus, Who didst ner of sickness, and all man- | begin Thy last and bitter ner of diseases amongst the | Passion in a garden, where people, being, by Thy doc- Thy innocent soul was sortrine and example, “the | rowful even unto death : Way” and “the Truth” that sanctify, I beseech Thee, leads unto“ Life;" grant me | all my natural infirmities to believe aright all Thy re- and passions, comfort me in velations, to obey all Thy all my troubles and disquiecommands, to walk in Thy tudes of mind, and make me steps, and so to “ follow the sensible, with godly sorrow, light of the world, that I of that heavy wrath and walk not in darkness, but | curse for sin, which Thou may have the light of life.” | suffered, and I deserved.

X, BLOODY SWEAT. est escape, and to be bound Holy Jesus. Who didst as a malefactor, being cleanprostrate Thyself upon the

er than an angel of light; cold earth, sweating drops

O let not my soul be seized of blood, under the pressure

| by any infernal fiends, to of our sins, and out of a sad

| eternal horror in the other apprehension of Thy ensu

world : but out of the fangs ing sufferings," offering up

and clutches of all the spistrong cries with tears unto

rits and powers of darkness, Him that is able to save ;"

good Lord, deliver me : O that my heart might in

from the bonds and chains wardly bleed tears of com

of my sins, and from that passion and of compunction,

dismal sentence, “ Take him and vent itself by such fer

and bind him hand and vent and effectual prayers,

foot, and cast him into utwith tears of devotion, as to

ter darkness, good Lord debe heard in Heaven, and

liver me. healed of all her sores of sin XIII. ARRAIGNMENT AND and infirmity.


WILL OF GOD. seized by rude hands, wast Holy Jesus, Who with

led as an innocent Lamb to all sweetness of patience |

the slaughter, hooted at, and submission didst give rated, reviled, reproached, up Thyself wholly to the

falsely accused, and unjustwill of Thy Heavenly Fa- !

ly condemned by unjust ther, endue me witń the judges here upon earth, same spirit of lowliness and being Thyself the most just meekness, patience and con- | Judge of Heaven and earth; tentedness in all conditions, 19 be not a severe and angry submitting to the good will

Judge, when I shall stand of my God, both in pros

| before Thy Tribunal, but perity and adversity, health / vouchsafe to be then my and sickness. life and | Mediator, and answer for death.

me, who am not able to

answer Thee one of a thouXII. APPREHENSION. sand, if Thou shouldest be Holy Jesus, Who didst strict to mark what I have yield Thyself to be appre-done amiss; but “in Thee hended, when Thou might | have I put my trust ; Thou shalt answer for me, O; I may not be felled and Lord my God.”

overthrown by the buffets From all the accusations of Satan. of the devil and his angels,

| xvi. FORSAKEN from the accusations of all

OF HIS men and of all women, with

FRIENDS AND FOLLOWERS. whom I have been guilty of | Holy Jesus, Who wast any sin, or who have been content to be forsaken of conscious of any of my all Thy friends and dearest many sinful pollutions, and disciples, and to be left from the accusations of my alone in the hands of cruel own conscience in the day men, who, like ravening of judgment, good Lord de- / wolves, thirsted after a liver me.

draught of Thy dearest

Blood ; O leave me not desXIV. HE IS SPITTED UPON.

titute of Thy assisting PreBlessed be that infinite sence, when assaulted by mercy and humility of my ghostly adversaries; Thine, holy Jesus, whereby though I have deserved to Thou sufferedst Thy Face, be for ever desolate and fairer than the children of forsaken, for my manifold men, to be polluted by fil-treacherous backslidings thy ignominious spittings. from Thee. “Ö turn Thy face away from my sins," whereby I have

XVII. DENIED BY ST. PETER. polluted my soul, and pro | Blessed be that infinite faned Thy holy Name, goodness and meekness of which is called upon me. | Thine, Who looking back Turn not Thy face away upon St. Peter when He from me, but turn Thy face denied and forswore Thee, away from my sins, Who didst, by that gracious chida for my sins didst not turn | ing look, call him back both Thy face from shame and | to himself and to Thee by spitting.

true repentance. O look

thus upon all backsliders XV. BUFFETED.

from Thee, for their correcHoly Jesus, Who didst tion and sincere conversion; expose Thy blessed Cheeks and “look upon me also, to the rude cuffs and buffets and be merciful unto me, as of hard injurious fists, grant Thou usest to do unto those that though I may feel, yet | that love Thy Name."

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