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Psalms for the Ninth Hour.

Psalm cxix. Part 17. Ver. 1. “ Thy testimonies | evil shall not prevail, where are wonderful; therefore both the steps or actions, doth my soul keep them.” and also the affections of The wonderful depth of wis- the soul, are regulated by dom, admirable equity and the laws of God. purity of the Divine reve- 6.“ O deliver me from the sations should engage all wrongful dealings of men, men to observe them. and so shall I keep Thy

2. “ When Thy word go commandments.” The injueth forth, it giveth light and ries of men must not cause us understanding to the sim to disobey the laws of God. ple.” The word of God 7. “ Shew the light of cleared up to the mind, dis Thy countenance upon Thy pels the darkness of igno servant, and teach me Thy rance, error, and sinfulness. statutes.” It is the light

3. “ I opened my mouth, | of Divine grace that teachand drew in my breath : for eth both the knowledge and my delight was in Thy com- obedience of God's holy will mandments.” Obedience to and commandments. God's commandments is the 8. "Mine eyes gush out way of true delight, for the with water; because men which the righteous do pant, | keep not Thy law.” Not and breathe forth their souls only our own sins, but the in ardent prayers.

transgressions of others also 4.“ O look Thou upon are to be lamented. me, and be merciful unto Glory be to the Father, me; as Thou usest to do &c. unto those that love Thy As it was in the beginName.” And such persons ning, &c. may with a holy confidence

The Prayer. beg, and also reasonably hope for the mercy and pro Look upon me, O Lord, pitious favour of God. with the eyes of grace and

5. “ Order my steps in mercy, and not in the rigour Thy word, and so shall no of justice: let not the wrongwickedness have dominion ful dealings of others, or any over me.” Temptations to wickedness of mine own, get so much dominion over me | heart is inflamed with the as to make me swerve from love of God's word, the truth those steps which Thou hast and equity whereof bath commanded me to observe appeared upon trial at all and follow; from the which times. I cannot fall, whilst the 5. “I am small, and of light of Thy countenance no reputation : yet do I not shines upon me, and that forget Thy commandments.” mercy is extended unto me, The most strictly conscienwhich Thou shewest unto tious persons do in all huthem that love Thy Name, mility acknowledge themthrough Jesus Christ, &c. selves to be the meanest of


6. “Thy righteousness is Ver. 1. “Righteous art , an everlasting righteousThou, O Lord ; and true is ness : and Thy law is the Thy judgment.”

truth.” Obedience to the 2.“ The testimonies that law of God is truth everlastThou hast commanded, are ing, or the true way to everexceeding righteous and lasting blessedness. true.” God's command 7. Trouble and heaviments are called His judg- ness have taken hold upon ments, because they are theme : yet is my delight in rule by which He will pass Thy commandments." No judgment upon all; and He troubles, whether outward, is most just, both in His or inward, can rob the rightlaws, and in His judgments, eous of that delight which is according thereunto. the issue of their obedience.

3. “ My zeal hath even con 8. “The righteousness of şumed me: because mine Thy testimonies is everlastenemies have forgotten Thy | ing: O grant me underword.” Great therefore is standing, and I shall live.” the zeal of the righteous | The practical understandagainst all transgressors of ing of those holy truths God such just and holy laws ; hath testified or revealed, whom he esteems his ene- is that righteousness which mies, because the enemies is immortal. of truth and justice.

Glory be to the Father, 4. “ Thy word is tried to &c. the uttermost, and Thy ser As it was in the beginvant loveth it.” But his ' ning, &c.

The Prayer.

| holy confidence of God's

| promises in His word, preMost righteous Lord God, fers the duty of prayer begive me a right understand- fore all other actions or coning of Thy revealed will, as

evealed will, as cerns in the world.. the path that leads to ever-1 4. Mine 'eves prevent lasting righteousness : in

the night watches; that I flame my soul with an ar- |

might be occupied in Thy dent love and delight in

| words.” Holy meditations Thy laws, and with a dis- and prayers, are, both night creet zeal against all the

and day, early and late, the transgressors thereof : let a employment of the rightvery humble and mean es- l eous. teem of myself be the founda- | 5. “ Hear my voice, O tion of all my righteousness, Lord, according to Thy lovlest it evaporate into vain ing-kindness : quicken me glory, and lose its reward according as Thou art wont.” which Thou hast promised, Whom God will vouchsafe through Jesus Christ, &c. | to hear, and quicken their THE NINETEENTH PART.

zeal, and holy endeavours,

whilst they beg it upon the Ver. 1. “I call with my account of God's lovingwhole heart: hear me, o kindness, not for any merits Lord, I will keep Thy sta- of their own. tutes.” So prayeth the de- ! 6. “ They draw nigh that vout soul for grace and obe- of malice persecute me: and dience, not only with the are far from Thy law.” Our lips, but with the whole ghostly enemies are ever at

hand to disturb our holy 2. “ Yea, even unto Thee resolutions and devotions, do I call : help me, and I in opposition to God's comshall keep Thy testimonies.” mands. The discipline of the law, 7. “ Be Thou nigh at hand, and the devout use of prayer, O Lord : for all Thy comdo support each other : thé mandments are true.” To law commands the use of disappoint their assaults, prayer, and prayer obtain-God's assisting presence is eth grace to keep the law. to be implored, Who will

3. “ Early in the morning not be wanting to His own do I cry unto Thee : for in truth. Thy word is my trust.” Al 8. “ As concerning Thy


testimonies: I have known l 2. “Avenge Thou my cause long since, that Thou hast and deliver me : quicken grounded them for ever.” | me according to Thy word.” The foundation of which | According to these promises truth, which is the word of we must pray to have the God, is from everlasting, and cause of our contest with the true way to that blessed the devil to be vindicated, ness that shall last for ever. I and our endeavours to reGlory be to the Father, sist him to be quickened. &c.

3. “ Health is far from the As it was in the begin- ungodly : for they regard ning, &c.

not Thy statutes." These en

deavours for the health of The Prayer.

the soul, are not regarded Night and day will I call | by such persons as have not upon Thee, O Lord, and that God in their thoughts and not with my lips alone, but desires. with my whole heart ; hum- 4.“ Great is Thy mercy, bly beseeching Thee to be Lord : quicken me as ever nigh at hand to disap | Thou art wont.” But the point all the subtile practices righteous are frequently senof the devil and his angels, sible of God's mercy, in who continually lay snares quickening them to their to entrap me, and malicious- | duty : and evenly persecute me, for my love 5.“ Many there are that and obedience to Thy most trouble me and persecute holy laws, which are ground-me; yet do I not swerve ed upon everlasting truth, from Thy testimonies.” Even and lead to everlasting life, in the greatest and most through Jesus Christ, &c. troublesome temptations of

their numerous adversaries, THE TWENTIETH PART.

continue firm and upright Ver. 1.“ () consider mine in their innocence and obeadversity, and deliver me : dience. for I do not forget Thy 6. “ It grieveth me when law.” That we may be deli- I see the transgressors : bevered from the temptations cause they keep not Thy of our spiritual adversaries, law.” And are grieved also we must be mindful both of to see others, in the time of the precepts and promises temptation, to fall away. of God's word.

1 7.“ Consider, O Lord, how

I love Thy commandments : | ver me, through the merits
O quicken me according to and mediation of Jesus
Thy loving-kindness.” And Christ, &c.
this their love and obedience

THE ONE AND TWENTIDTH unto God, moves Him the

PART. more to quicken and increase their zeal therein.

Ver. 1.“ Princes have per8. “ Thy word is true secuted me without a cause: from everlasting: all the but my heart standeth in judgments of Thy righteous- awe of Thy word.” Stand ness endure for evermore.” in awe, and sin not, whatAll the acts both of God's ever persecutions may arise mercy and judgment, are from any of the powers eiaccording to the equity of ther of earth or hell. His precepts, most righteous! 2. “ I am as glad of Thy and immutable.

word, as one that findeth Glory be to the Father, great spoils.” The spoils of &c.

¡ our ghostly enemies are As it was in the begin- | taken through delight in ning, &c.

God's word.

3. “ As for lies, I hate The Prayer.

and abhor them: but Thy Consider, O Lord, how ad- law do I love." The love verse to my holy resolves of the truth, and hatred of are the continual tempta- all falsehood, whether in tions of my ghostly enemies: opinion or conversation, are and withal remember the the inseparable qualificalove I have to Thy law, and tions of a righteous soul. zeal to Thine honour : deli- 4. “ Seven times a day do ver me from the one, and I praise Thee : because of quicken me in the other, Thy righteous judgment." that I neither swerve from The righteousness of God's Thy testimonies, or be dull laws, and of all His judgand dead-hearted in my obe-ments according thereunto, dience thereunto: give me excite the devout soul to a heart to lament both my praise Him continually. own, and the transgressions 5.“ Great is the peace of others; that I may escape they have who love Thy that bitter weeping and wail. | law: and they are not ing of the nether hell: from offended at it.” The fruit the which, good Lord, deli-1 of righteousness is peace,

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