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Prayers for the Night out , day to offer up my morning of the Greek Liturgy. prayers and hymns unto

Thee; for Thine is the

power, Thine is the kingO God, great and high, dom : strength and glory is Who dwellest in light inac- Thine, blessed Father, Son, cessible; Who hast made and Holy Ghost. Amen. the sun to rule the day, and

III. the moon and the stars the night ; let my prayer be set O God, the Author of all forth in Thy sight as the good gifts, grant me such incense : help me to put on compunction of spirit in my the armour of light : defend bed, that I may rise to ceme from the terrors of this lebrate Thy Name in the night, and from every evil | night-season, and pour forth that walketh in darkness : | my prayers before Thee, both let my sleep be free from all / for my own sins, and the diabolical illusions, idle and sins of all the people ; from filthy dreams; and refresh the which, good Lord, demy wearied spirits, to be re- liver us all : for Thou art newed in Thy service. good and gracious, and the

| great lover of men : to Thee II.

be all glory, blessed Father, Thy commandments, 0 Son, and Holy Ghost, now Lord, are a light unto my and for evermore. Amen. feet; O teach me Thy right- After these or other bedeousness and Thy judg-time meditations, your usuments : lighten the eyes of al Prayers, confessions, and my mind that I sleep not in thanksgivings, relating to sin unto death : let the Sun | the day past, meditate, of Righteousness shine into me, and dispel all darkness

As you undress yourself, from my heart : by the cus This body of mine I am tody of Thy Holy Spirit let | now stripping of its clothmy life be free from all ing, is but the clothing of molestation, and guide my my soul, that is the man in feet in the way of peace : me; my body is but the direct me through the twi- garment my soul doth wear. light of this life, and grant And it is not long ere I that I may see the early ' shall put off this body of

8 Euchol. p. 36.

flesh, as I now do the gar- | wholly and altogether to ments which cover its naked cast away the works of darkness; and that I may do ness, and to put on the arthis in peace, and to my mour of light; that when future happiness, my soul my body shall lie down in must be stript, and I must its bed of darkness, my soul “put off concerning the for- may pass into the regions of mer conversation the old light, to live and reign with man, which is corrupt ac- Thee for ever. cording to deceitful lusts, and put on that new man,

When you get into Bed. which after God is cre I will lay me down in ated in righteousness and peace and take my rest, for true holiness h.”

it is Thou only that makest “Put on the Lord Jesusi:” | me dwell in safety. that is thy clothing, that is thy ornament, O my soul, to

Or, II. obey the doctrine, and fol- | In the Name of my Lord fow the example of the holy | Jesus Christ, Who was cruJesus ; “making no provi- cified unto death, and laid sion to fulfil the lusts of the in the grave for me, I lay fesh :" for," he that soweth me down to rest, and to to the flesh, shall of the flesh sleep : He vouchsafe to reap corruption; but he that bless me, save and defend soweth to the spirit, shall of me, sleeping and waking : the spirit reap life everlast- and may I evermore, blessed ing k.”

Jesus, rest in Thy peace,

live in Thy fear, die in Thy When you lay aside your favour, and be raised by Thy garments.

power unto life everlasting. Assist me, blessed Lord, Amen.


| all the first-born in the land

| of Egyptm; and the host of It was in the night', the Sennacherib, that besieged Angel of the Lord destroyed Jerusalem"; now then arise b Eph. iv. 22. 24. i Rom. xiii. 14.

& Gal. vi. 8. 1 Exod. xii. 29. m Wisd, xviii. 14, 15. a 2 Kings xix. 35.

from thy bed of sloth and Man shall come to judge drowsiness, begging of God, both the quick and the with humble prayers, that deads; and He hath comthose celestial spirits who manded thee to watch for “ are sent forth to minister His coming, that He find for them who shall be heirs thee not sleeping': rememof salvation,” and more par- bering that “ His coming ticularly that thy guardian shall be in flaming fire, redAngel may both guide and dering vengeance to them protect thee: that no de- that obey not His Gospel,” stroying angel, no terror of whereof this is a part, the night, no pestilence that “watch and pray:" confirmwalketh in darkness, no ed by His own example, who fiery darts of the devil, no continued all night in prayarrows of temptation, by er unto God u: by the examany filthy dreams, or noi- | ple of holy David , fresome lusts, may infect and quently at his prayers in taint thy innocence, or dis- the night: of the prophet turb thy peace in the Lord. Isaiah,“ With my soul have

“For ye were sometimes I desired Thee in the night; darkness, but now are ye yea, with my spirit within light in the Lord : walk as me will I seek Thee early);" children of the light p." and of the prophet Jere

“ And have no fellowship miah, “ Arise, cry out in the with the unfruitful works night: in the beginning of of darkness, but rather re- the watches pour out thine prove them."

heart like water before the O blessed “Father of face of the Lord?lights, with Whom is no va Thy heart may now most riableness, nor shadow of opportunely, most intensely, turning?," shew the light of most freely and fully, be Thy countenance upon Thy poured out unto the Lord, servant, and save me, for whilst the cares and busiThy mercies' sake.

nesses of the day distract

thee not; whilst no exterII.

nal objects, or tumultuous It is in the night we ge- noise, disturb thy otherwise nerally believe the Son of | wandering imaginations, to

. Heb. i. 14. P Eph. v. 8. 9 Eph. v. 11. James i. 17. Mat. XXY. 6. Mark xiii. 36, 37. u Luke vi. 12. * Psalm vi. : Psalm lxiii. : Psalm cxix. y Isaiah xxvi. 9. Lam. ii. 19.

withdraw thy heart from and innocence of His life, divine and celestial contem- His whole nights' devotions plations.

and prayers, the many conTu, Christe, somnum discute,

spiracies against His life, Tu rumpe noctis vincula : which He purposely assumTu solve peccatum vetus,

ed to lay down for the sins Novumque lumen ingere.

of the world. III.

It was in the night (as It was in the deep silence being the cursed deeds of of the night thy blessed Sa- darkness) that thy Lord was viour was born. And the apprehended in the Garden, shepherds “ who kept watch and then bound with cords over their flocka,” had there- of violence, and by rude fore the happiness to receive hands dragged and hurried the first tidings of salvation | to be arraigned as a maleby an Angel from Heaven. | factor, falsely accused, spit It is now very seasonable to upon and buffeted, examinmeditate upon those greated with intents of blood, mysteries of salvation, the judged and condemned : say Incarnation and Birth of then now, in the word of the thy Redeemer, the holiness / Holy Spirit of God,

PSALM II. Ver. 1.“ Why do the hea- 1 be fulfilled by the conspirathen so furiously rage toge- cies and practices of the ther ? and why do the peo- chiefs, both of the Jews and ple imagine a vain thing ?" | Romans against Christ, By the heathen is meant in- saying, fidels, and such as be with- 3.Let us break their out the pale of the Church : bonds asunder: and cast by the people, heretics and away their cords from us." schismatics within.

By bonds are meant the laws 2. “The kings of the | of Christ; and by cords, earth stand up: and the those promises, threats, rulers take counsel toge- exhortations, examples, ther against the Lord, and which draw our hearts to against His anointed :" This obey His laws. prophecy is remembered to ! 4. “ He that dwelleth in • Luke ii. 7, 8.

Acts iv. 25, 26, 27.

heaven will laugh them to | In respect of His Godhead, scorn : the Lord will have He is Lord of the whole them in derision.” The earth: in respect of His neglect and contempt manhood, He obtained, by whereof, God is said to de- | intercession as Mediator beride, as seeing it to be the twixt God and man, that all highway to destruction. people, both Jews and Gen

5. “ Then shall He speak tiles, be called to the state unto them in His wrath : of salvation through Him. and vex them in His sore dis- 9. “ Thou shalt bruise pleasure.” For when He them with a rod of iron, shall call such proud con- and break them in pieces temners to account, it shall like a potter's vessel.” not be in mercy, but in Whom He governs by subwrath, to their eternal vexa duing and mortifying their tion and torment.

rebel lusts, both sensual and 6. “ Yet have I set My worldly. King upon My holy hill of 10.“ Be wise now thereSion." It is not the ut- fore, O ye kings : be learned, most malice of men or de- | ye that are judges of the vils can weaken the power earth.” Which is that true or frustrate the government wisdom, which chiefly all of Christ in His Church. that are in authority should

7. “I will preach the law learn, as by whose power whereof the Lord hath said and example others may be unto Me,” nor hinder the converted. publication of His Gospel i 11. “Serve the Lord with received from God; “ Thou fear : and rejoice unto Him art My Son, this day have with reverence." Both fear I begotten Thee.” Found- and joy are necessary qualied in the eternal and tem- fications in religious duties, poral son-ship of Christ, that we neither be affrighted Who was both begotten with the difficulty, nor puft from all eternity as the Son up with the consolation that of God, and born in fulness attends His service. of time as the Son of Man. 12. “Kiss the Son lest

8. “ Desire of Me, and I He be angry, and so ye shall give Thee the heathen perish from the right way: for Thine inheritance : and (if His wrath be kindled, the uttermost parts of the yea but a little :) blessed earth for Thy possession.” | are all they that put their

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