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The Prayer.

the more to love and admire

Thy transcendent perfecI know, O Lord, that it is tions appearing in all the a thing both joyful and pro-operations of Thy hands, fitable, and my bounden works of wonder: for and duty, to give Thee thanks, in the which I humbly beg both night and day, in pros I may continually praise perity and adversity; for Thy Name, not only in word, the great mercy and truth but also in deed and in of Thy promises is manifest-truth; and that as the night ed at all times, and in all of my life cometh on, and I conditions : let me never grow more full in days, so I forget to meditate in Thy may be also more fruitful works; and though I can- “ in all good works, to the not fathom the depth of Thy glory of Thy Name, through wisdom in them, grant me | Jesus Christ, &c.”

PSALM CXXXIV. To be used in the night, as wherein the people of God ex

cite each other to the praise of God, in their night assemblies in His House.

Ver. 1. “Behold now, holy offices in the house of praise the Lord : all ye ser- God. Mystically, God hath vants of the Lord.” Divine three courts, through which praise being the highest of we must enter into His religious duties, becomes the house the Church, and be lips of such only as are entitled to His service: devoted to the service of 1. Faith, which is the outGod.

er court; 2. Hope gives a 2. “Ye that by night nearer admission into His stand in the house of the Presence ; 3. Charity unites Lord :" who both night and our hearts unto God, and day are intent upon this inflames them to His praise. high and holy employment 3. “ Lift up your hands in - in the courts of the the sanctuary: and praise house of our God.” But es- | the Lord.” Not by our pecially such as be ordain-words only, but by the ed to the administration of works of our hands God

must be glorifiedm. And to more immediately to serve do this worthily,

Thee; give unto all Thy 4. “ The Lord that made servants grace, and to me heaven and earth, give thee also, to lift up holy hands blessing out of Sion.” Is a and pure hearts to praise blessing that descends from Thee night and day in the above, but is conveyed by courts of Thy House, and in the ministry of the Church. all the works of our hands Glory be to the Father, to glorify Thy Name : And &c.

to this end, let Thy blessing As it was in the begin- | through the ministry of Thy ning, &c.

Church descend upon us

in this life, that we may The Prayer.

inherit the blessings of O Lord, Who hast made | Thy Church triumphant in heaven and earth for the Heaven, through Jesus service of man, and man | Christ, &c.

CXXXIXth PSALM PARAPHRASED. Ver. 1. O Lord, the right- I before they be conceived in eous God, who triest the my mind, as knowing my very hearts and reins, “Thou inclinations to entertain hast searched me out,” | such or such thoughts. through all the windings 2. “Thou art about my and turnings of my deceit- path,” wberein I walk, “and ful heart, “and known me” about my bed,” wherein I in all the most hidden and rest; "and spiest out all inmost of my thoughts and | my ways," seeing both the desires; “ Thou knowest my equity and iniquity both of down sitting," both with my affections and actions, what company, and when in all my ways both of rest alone, both with what in- and motion, ease and latentions and what affec- | bour. tions ; "and my up-rising," I 3. “For lo, there is not a with what guilt, or inno- word in my tongue, but cence, I arise from every of Thou, O Lord, knowest it my actions : in all which altogether;" both, first, its “ Thou understandest my original conception in my thoughts long before,” even 'mind ; secondly, my intention in its utterance with my that very dust whereinto the mouth; thirdly, its good or dead bodies of men are disbad influence upon others; solved, is preserved from “ O set a watch over my annihilation by Thy essenmouth, and guard the door tial presence therewithal. of my lips, that I offend not 8. “If I take the wings in my tongue.”

m Mat. v. 16.

of the morning,” which even 4. “ Thou hast fashioned in a moment overspreads me behind and before,” and enbeams the face of the moulded me throughout in- | whole earth, and be conveyto this goodly shape and ed as swift as lightning to proportion of parts whereof“ remain in the utmost parts I consist : “and laid Thine of the sea,” beyond all the hand upon me,” supported babitable parts of this infeme in this being Thou hast | rior world given me.

9. “Even there Thine 5. “ Such knowledge” as hand” of powerful influence appears both in my creation “ shall lead me :" I should and preservation, “is too not otherwise live, and wonderful and excellent for move, and have a being : me, I cannot attain unto“ and Thy right hand," it :" it excels the reach of which renders to every man my apprehension, even to according to his works, “shall wonder and astonishment. hold me,” to give an account

6. “ Whither then shall I of all my ways and doings. go from Thy Spirit,” which I will not therefore assay to filleth the world, and con- | fly from Thee, though justly taineth all things ? “or whi- displeased for my sins; but ther shall I go from Thy rather upon the wings of presence ?” Who art every true repentance, I will fly where by Thy essence, pow- unto Thee, even into the er and presence, both with arms of Thy unspeakable in and without the world ? | mercy, through the merits

7. “If I climb up into of my dearest Saviour. Heaven, Thou art there,” in 10. “If I say," through highest Majesty and Glory : the deceitful imaginations “ if I go down to hell, Thou of my darkened heart,“sureart there also :" in the ne-ly the darkness," which ther hell, by the execution of hideth all things from the Thy righteous judgments : sight of men, "shall cover and in the grave also; for me” from the sight of God

also; I shall soon be con- hid from the eyes of men, vinced of the folly of such a under the covering of flesh gross conceit: for “then and skin, “are not hid from shall my night,” the most | Thee,” for they are framed secret of my thoughts, and by Thee, “though I be made closest deeds of darkness, secretly;" both invisible “ be turned unto day,” be and inconceivable is the as clearly seen as in the way of my formation, “ and noon-day sun.

fashioned” like some curious 11. “Yea, the darkness," embroidery, or net-work, that which is such to us, " is through the variety of my no darkness with Thee; the spreading veins, arteries, darkness and light to Thee sinews, ligaments, “ beneath are both alike,” Who seest in the earth” or in my moall things in the brightness ther's womb, than the which of Thine own transcendent the earth affords not a more essence, without the media- secret shop or workhouse. tion of material light.

15. “ Thine eyes” of pre12. “For my reins are science, power and proviThine ;" my innate and dence, “did see my submost secret lusts and prone- stance yet being imperfect," nesses to evil, escape not decree me to be a living Thy scrutiny and view : man, when I was yet but an “ Thou hast covered me in unshapen embryo : “and in my mother's womb;" by Thy book were all my memthe influence of Thy power bers written;" every joint, and providence, I was in the sinew, vein, were delineated materials of my being pre- | as in a book by Thy hand of served from abortion. power, goodness and wis

13. “I will give thanks ! dom. unto Thee" as for my mak- | 16.“ Which day by day ing, so also that « I am where fashioned,” grew up fearfully and wonderfully by degrees into a perfect made," my formation in my shape, and proportion of mother's womb being a pro- parts, “when as yet” a litdigious piece of workman- tle space before “ there was ship: and indeed, “marvel none of them,” they did not lous are” all “Thy works” exist in nature, or were no both of creation, preserva other than a deformed lump tion, &c.

of unclean seed. 14. “My bones,” though! 17.“ How dear” and pre

cious, yea, mysterious and | Thy Name: “and Thine eneprofound,“ are Thy counsels mies take Thy Name in unto me, O God," when I vain.” And therefore they consider with what an un- are Thine enemies, because fathomed depth of wisdom, Thy Name, which is Great, mercy and justice Thou dost Wonderful, and Holy, is order all things in Heaven profaned by them. and earth : “O how great is 21. “ Do not I hate them, the sum of them !” the num- O Lord, that hate Thee ?" I ber, variety, use and beauty should not otherwise love of them cannot be summed 'Thee, O Lord, did I not ир.

hate all them, not in their 18. “If I tell them,” I un- persons, but in their sinful dertake an impossible task; actions, whereby they are for “ they are more in num- hateful and offensive to Thy ber than the sand” upon the Majesty. “And am not I sea-shore, which cannot be grieved with those that rise numbered : and therefore up against Thee ?" Their re“ when I awake up, I am bellion and disobedience is present with Thee,” in con- ; a great grief, and a wound templation of Thy marvel- unto my spirit. lous works, and of Thy good 22. “ Yea, I hate them providence over me, both right sore, as though they sleeping and waking. were mine enemies,” even

19. “Wilt Thou not slay because they are Thine enethe wicked, O God,” who mies, through the iniquity forget Thee, and the won- of their doings : and herein, drous works which Thou! 23. “ Try me, O God,” as hast done ? “ Depart from the silver is tried, when the me, ye blood-thirsty men :" | dross is purged thence ; that I will not communicate with I may both love mine eneyou in your sinful desires mies as they are mine, but and doings, which tend to hate them as Thine : “and the murder and everlasting seek out the ground of my destruction of your immor- heart," purge out that core tal souls.

s of corruption from whence 20. “For they speak un- all unlawful love and hatred righteously against Thee :" issues : “Prove me, and exif they speak of Thee, O amine my thoughts ;” puLord, it is not aright, and rify my soul in all her imaas becometh the honour of ginations, affections and in

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