Bulletins and Other State Intelligence

Compiled and arranged from the official documents published in the London gazette., 1839
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Sivu 213 - into effect the reports of the Commissioners appointed ' to consider the state of the Established Church in ' England and Wales, with reference to Ecclesiastical ' Duties and Revenues, so far as they relate to epis' copal dioceses, revenues, and patronage...
Sivu 242 - An Act to defray the charge of the pay, clothing, and contingent and other expenses of the disembodied militia in Great Britain and Ireland; and to grant allowances in certain cases to subaltern officers, adjutants, paymasters, quartermasters, surgeons, assistant surgeons, surgeons' mates, and serjeant majors of the militia, until the 1st day of July, 1841.
Sivu 131 - An Act for the Amendment and better Administration of the Laws relating to the Poor in England and Wales...
Sivu 243 - London, the town council of any borough for the time being subject to the act of the session of the fifth and sixth years of the reign of king William the Fourth, chapter seventy-six, intituled "An Act to provide for the regulation of municipal corporations in England and Wales...
Sivu 138 - An Act to settle and describe the divisions of counties and the limits of cities and boroughs in England and Wales, in so far as respects the election of members to serve in Parliament.
Sivu 9 - Commissioners appointed to consider the state of the ' Established Church in England and Wales, with ' reference to ecclesiastical duties and revenues, so ' far as they relate to episcopal dioceses, revenues,
Sivu 337 - An Act for consolidating the laws relative to Offences against the Post Office of the United Kingdom, and for regulating the judicial administration of the Post Office Laws, and for explaining certain terms and expressions employed in those laws...
Sivu 222 - An Act for the more easy and speedy Recovery of Small Debts...
Sivu 195 - Act to alter, amend, and enlarge the powers and provisions of an Act, passed in the seventh year of the reign of His Majesty King William the Fourth, intituled
Sivu 172 - An Act for the better protection of purchasers against judgments, crown debts, lis pendens, and fiats in bankruptcy.

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