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Sivu 353 - The art of medicine is thus divided amongst them : each physician applies himself to one disease only, and not more. All places abound in physicians ; some physicians are for the eyes, others for the head, others for the teeth, others for the parts about the belly, and others for internal disorders.
Sivu 2 - Iran then, a country bounded on the north by the Caspian, on the south by the Indian Ocean, on the east by the Indus, and on the west by the Euphrates, is the spot to which all the languages of the civilized world, ancient and modern, now unite in pointing as the place of their origin.
Sivu 314 - He maintained, that they do not always correspond to the real nature of things, and that there is no infallible method of determining when they are true or false, and consequently that they afford no certain criterion of truth.
Sivu 517 - Heathen adversaries ; and the desire of illustrating, defining, and substantiating the Christian doctrines, and forming into a whole the solutions which were offered from time to time of the questions and cavils of their adversaries, — all these causes gradually led to the formation of a species of philosophy peculiar to Christianity, which successively assumed different aspects, as regarded its principles and object. By these means something of the Grecian spirit of philosophy was transfused into...
Sivu 419 - Hypsicles is the author. The first four and the sixth are on plane geometry ; the fifth is on the theory of proportion, and applies to magnitude in general ; the seventh, eighth, and ninth, are on arithmetic ; the tenth is on the arithmetical characteristics of the divisions of a straight line ; the eleventh and twelfth are on the elements of solid geometry ; the thirteenth (and also the fourteenth and fifteenth) are on the regular solids, which were so much studied among the...
Sivu 260 - Scylax and his companions sailed down the river to the east and the rising of the sun, till they reached the sea ; whence they sailed westward through the Indian Ocean to the Red Sea, performing the whole voyage in thirty months.
Sivu 12 - Quintus, etc. 12. In the mean time, the Doric dialect was not entirely excluded from poetry, even in the later periods. It maintained itself in some of the minor species, especially in rural and sportive poems ; partly because there were even here certain earlier models ; and partly also because, in many of these poems, it was essential to imitate the tone and language of the countryman and of the lower classes, whose dialect was almost every where the Doric, in consequence of the very general spread...
Sivu 31 - He wrote a sequel of songs and rhapsodies, to be sung by himself for small earnings and good cheer, at festivals and other days of merriment ; the Ilias he made for the men, and the Odysseis for the other sex.
Sivu 211 - But, to say nothing of the improbability of even Alcibiades venturing on such an outrage, or the still stranger fact of its not being alluded to by Thucydides or any other trustworthy historian, the answer of Cicero is conclusive, that Eratosthenes mentioned plays produced by Eupolis after the Sicilian expedition. (Ad Att< vi.
Sivu 35 - ... never recognized it in Homer. The hiatus, and the various perplexities of metre, occasioned by the loss of the digamma, Were corrected by different grammatical stratagems. But the whole history of this lost letter is very curious, and is rendered intelligible only by the supposition that the Iliad and Odyssey belonged for a wide space of time to the memory, the voice, and the ear exclusively...

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