Sivut kuvina

Weeks Preparation

Tor aWoxihy receiving of the As Recommended andAppointed by the


ConsiAinrf of Meditations and Prayers for the Morning

&A&.Eventnrt oZev?ty\)ay in theWfcek;


FORMS of Examination and Confession of Sins


^4. Companion atiibe Altar,

Dinrti/tgtbr Communicant in lits BeiarinursnA. Drvohhns at the LORD'S TABLE 1

'. Al S O

In Strvction S now to live will,

after receiving the

Holy Sacrament

To which are added AJIfornin&sndJivsni/ifiT^&yeciorthefityforFamify.


Trinted r,nfy /^/•'WRBNT, at t&eXihftr Arms:

"Pater noster row.

~ —^^——^^»^—— ——»—■

GEORGE the Second, by the Grace of Ood, R" mg; of' Great Sriuu. France, and Inland, Defender of the Faith, &e. To all to whon these Presents (hall come, Greeting ;' WHER S AS our trusty and Well beloved Edward Wklfied, at our City of Lcndon, Bookseller, hath humb! j represented to us, That he ic now-Printing v.NcwEdU#n.(<u>itbIny>rtsicments) of a Work, Entitled,' '! | ■"' ('* I J - <

The. New Week's Preparation for a Worthy Receiving oj the Lord's Supper, as recommended and appointed by


AND wli$rea;(t:ib toi Edvj.vli sVicTtJferd has infijrrhedjus, th**he said Wort has been perfected with gftat Labour, Stuty, ao<* Expence.*" He has therefore humbly prayeJ Us to grant to him the si'J Edward. Wickfieed, Our Royal Privilege, Licence, and AUTHORITY, A* the SOL® Printing, Publishing, and Vending the sa'd Work, in as ample and Form as has ever been done in Chafes of the like Nature. \ i. > \ '*• \

WE being graciously inclined to give all duelincouragemeht to Weeks that may be Of Public Use and Benefit, and especially to those of this Kind, which so greatly tend to the advancement cf RJighn, and the general Gecd and Benefit if Mankind, ARE pleased-to condescend'tu his Reipidl, and DO by these Presents (as far as may be agreeable to the Statute in that Cafe made and provided)'give and grant to the said Edward iVickjleed, his Executors, Administrators, and Assigns, full Power, Micnce, Piiviiege, and sole AUTHORITY, for the SOLE Printing, Publishing,, and Vending the said Work, together with all and al) manner of Amendments. Corrections, Alterations, and Additions of or to the fame; and Our express Will and Pleasure is, aud We do hereby strictly charge, command, and prohibit all and every Person and Persons whatsoever, within'Our Dominions, chat'they, nor any or either of them, presume in any manner of wise to nefrint, abridge, or txtraS the same, or any Part or Parts thereof, either in the like, or in aay ether Form, or Forms, Volume, or Volumes whatsoever; OR to import, iuyi vend, utter, or d'jiril-uie, any Copies thereof, or of any Part or Parts thereof, that are or (hall be printed or reprinted beyond the Seas, without the AUTHORITY, Cnjcnt, or //fprolatic.i of the said Edward Wtcisteed, bjj Executors, Administrators, or Assigns, by Writing under his or their Hands and Seals first had and obtained, as they and every of them offending herein will incur our Royal indignation and Displeasure, and such other Pains and Penalties as by the Laws and Statutes of Our Realms may be inflicted. WHEREOF the Commissioners and ptherOfficers of our Cufiomt, the MasteJ-, Wardens, and Company of Stationers of London, and all other Officers, Minisi-rs, and others, whom it may concern, are to take Notice, that a strict? Obedience be given to our Pleasure herein signified. , Civtn ajjufJi^gn at St. James's, &c.

~"* Jh bil Mmejh'.s Command,



. when we arise.

The Week's Preparation.
I/Jaculations when we awake. I

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_ towards one's self.

- isa child. ,

- isa parent.

- if a brother or sister.

- if a wife. .

if a husband.

■ — if a servant.


if a magistrate. 30

profession of godly sorrow for


The Preface.

Eafons for publishing this N<iv
Week's Preparation Page i
Kcble's week's preparation exceed-
ing faulty, as it abounds w:lh turn
leivd and scandalous expressions, ii
Such language fitter for a sensual le-
ver than a worshipper of the all
pure, and all-knonvirg God. ii

Eifliop Stilling feet's testimony a-
gainst tlrat way of worship. ii
The way of worship made use of in
Keltic's week's preparation has
greatly contributed Cowards the
decay of christian piety, ij

Many honest and. tuell-meaning chri-

stians have been thrown into de-

spair by it. iii

It has served to bring Religion into
ridicule and conttinpt, and to har-
den the wicked and unthinking
part of mankind against the jirjl
efforts efreformation, iii
The lave of God, as taught hy Ke-
ble's week's preparation, very
different' from that taught us by
Christ hin:jelf, .and by St. John, iv

The prayers and meditations in this

New Week's Preparation are

such as can be'warranted from

the ivord of Cod itself. v

Bishop Fteetivood's testimony a-

gainst the manner os v.oiship

made use of in Kekle's week's

preparation. v

i account of this work. >
ty. of frequent communicat-

obligations for preparing our-

for the lord's luff er. vi

communion office must be

carefully attended to. vii

The usefulness of aelual prepara-


Dr. Waiirlar.d's commendation of

the Wtdii Preparation, y_j


Monday evening. _____ ,_

Ejaculations. ___ , ,,

A prayer of resignation to the will

of God.

A prayer to conclude our devotions

for every day, _ g

Ejaculations at going to bed. \j

For Tuesday.

A meditation for the morning, - g

A prayer for the morning. tz

A meditation for the evening, Ll

A prayer for the evening.'" ££

For Wednesday.

A meditation for the moening. «,

A confession of sins. • I,

A prayer for God's merev,'- «

A meditation for the evening. „

A prayer for the evening. 5,

A 'F.i


Tublished by the same Author,

The New Week's Preparation •, Part the Se-

cond: Consisting of Meditations, Prayers, and Hymns, suitable for

every Day in the Week, after receiving the Lord's Supper. In wh'ch
hole Doubts and Scruples which aie apt to disturb aud lender lilt:
Minds of devout Communicants uneasy, are clearly stated, and finally
removed. Price Is.

Printed for W. Bent, Pn'er noster row, Lendon.

83* The Two Parts bound together, price zs, common, or zs. 6d.

1 black calf.

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