Uebersicht der gesammten staats- und rechtswissenschaftlichen Literatur, zusammengestellt von O. Mühlbrecht

Otto Mühlbrecht

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Sivu xvi - The Cabinet Lawyer; a Popular Digest of the Laws of England, Civil, Criminal, and Constitutional.
Sivu 64 - A Complete Epitome of the Laws of this Country? • EVERY MAN'S OWN LAWYER; a Handy-Book of the Principles of Law and Equity. By A BARRISTER.
Sivu 23 - Tableau général du Commerce de la France avec ses colonies et les puissances étrangères , pendant l'année 1858.
Sivu 152 - COLLIERIES and COLLIERS : a Handbook of the Law and Leading Cases relating thereto.
Sivu 110 - Smith's Manual of Equity Jurisprudence.— A Manual of Equity Jurisprudence for Practitioners and Students, founded on the Works of Story, Spence, and other writers, and on more than a thousand subsequent cases, comprising the Fundamental Principles and the points of Equity usually occurring in General Practice. By JOSIAH W. SMITH, BCL, QC Thirteenth Edition. 12mo. 1880. 12».
Sivu 176 - DIVORCE.— Browne's Treatise on the Principles and Practice of the Court for Divorce and Matrimonial Causes :— With the Statutes, Rules. Fees and Forms relating thereto. Fourth Edition.
Sivu xvi - The main object of this Essay is to point out how the emotional element which underlies the Fine Arts is disregarded and undeveloped at this time so far as (despite a pretence at filling it up} to constitute an Educational Hiatus. HYMNI ECCLESI/E. See "THEOLOGICAL SECTION.
Sivu 41 - Hindu Law. Principally with reference to such portions of it as concern the Administration of Justice in the Courts in India. By SIB THOMAS STRANGE, late Chief Justice of Madras. 2 vols.
Sivu x - BRIAND et CHAUDE. Manuel complet de médecine légale, ou Résumé des meilleurs ouvrages publiés jusqu'à ce jour sur cette matière, et des jugements et arrêts les plus récents, par J.
Sivu 92 - F.). — The Russo-Indian Question Historically, Strategically, and Politically Considered. With a Sketch of Central Asiatic Politics. By Captain F. TRENCH, FRGS 20th Hussars.

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