China's Only Hope: An Appeal

Fleming H. Revell Company, 1900 - 151 sivua

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Sivu 129 - It is only he who is possessed of the most complete sincerity that can exist under heaven, who can give its full development to his nature. Able to give its full development to his own nature, he can do the same to the nature of other men. Able to give its full development to the nature of other men, he can give their full development to the natures of animals and things. Able to give their full development to the natures of...
Sivu 72 - Assuredly it is not foreign intercourse that is ruining China, but this dreadful poison. Oh, the grief and desolation it has wrought to our people! A hundred years ago the curse came upon us more blasting and deadly in its effects than the Great Flood or the scourge of the Fierce Beasts, for the waters assuaged after nine years, and the ravages of the man-eaters were confined to one place. Opium has spread with frightful rapidity and heart-rending results through the provinces. Millions upon millions...
Sivu 95 - Thus, when Heaven is about to confer a great office on any one, it first exercises his mind with suffering, and his sinews and bones with toil; it exposes his body to hunger, and subjects him to extreme poverty ; and it confounds his undertakings.
Sivu 73 - The ruin of the mind is the most woful of its many deleterious effects. The poison enfeebles the will, saps the strength of the body, renders the consumer incapable of performing his regular duties, and unfit for travel from one place to another. It consumes his substance and reduces the miserable wretch to poverty, barrenness, and senility. Unless something is soon done to arrest this awful scourge in its devastating march, the Chinese people will be transformed into satyrs and devils!
Sivu 72 - Opium has spread with frightful rapidity and heart-rending results through the provinces. Millions upon millions have been struck down by the plague. To-day it is running like wildfire. In its swift, deadly course it is spreading devastation everywhere, wrecking the minds and eating away the strength and wealth of its victims.
Sivu 21 - Thus those who cling to the old order of things heartily despise those who even propose any innovation, and they in turn cordially detest the Conservatives with all the ardor of their liberal convictions. It thus falls out that those who really wish to learn are in doubt as to which course to pursue, and in the meantime error creeps in, the enemy invades our coast, and, consequently, there is no defence and no peace. The present condition of things is not due to outside nations, but to China herself....
Sivu 138 - To sum up: Chinese learning is moral, Western learning is practical. Chinese learning concerns itself with moral conduct, Western learning, with the affairs of the world. . . If the Chinese heart throbs in unison with the heart of the sages, expressing the truth in irreprovable conduct, in filial piety, brotherly love, honesty, integrity, virtue; if government is loyalty and protection, then let government make use of foreign machinery and the railway from morning to night, and nothing untowards...
Sivu 25 - Korea, Egypt, and Poland. 3. Know that if we do not change our customs we cannot reform our methods, and if we do not reform our methods we cannot utilize the modern implements of war, etc. 4. Know what is important. The study of the old is not urgent ; the call for men of attainments in useful knowledge is pressing.
Sivu 144 - China the fight for Confucianism against Taoism and Buddhism has been for principle. We now know what is right, that Confucianism is the pure and holy truth of Heaven and the sum and summit of the Five Relations. Not even the most distant countries can dispute this fact; and yet there are some who fear that our religion will decay, and are casting about for means to conserve it. Our own opinion is, that in order to advance Confucianism we must reform the government and not everlastingly combat other...
Sivu 26 - ... What grand results would follow if each household, each village, and each institution of learning in the Empire, would discountenance the use of opium ! Then would the winter of our distress be made glorious summer by the coming of better times for China. "Now is the time for action. Confucius says, 'Know what shame is and you will not be far from heroism ;' and Mencius, 'If one has not the sense of shame, in what can he be equal to other men?

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