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Il y a certains maux dans la république qui y sont soufferts parce-
qu'ils préviennent ou empêchent de plus grands maux.


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Think not, however, that I am in the least degree angry, either with Bossuet, or with the British Roman Catholics, about any of their hard words; but, is it not true, that they have pretty well paid off, even at a first effort, their debt to those Protestants who call Roman Catholicism“ impious, abominable,” and the rest? And if this, my dearest friend, is the smell of the cask, what must be the wine? Have they no more of the same sort?

There is nothing peculiar (as I so uniformly acknowledge), and, consequently, there is the less incredibleor perplexing, in the rugged terms, and rugged feelings, of Roman Catholics toward Protestants. An English Protestant, of the age of the Reformation, expresses himself quite as decidedly upon the opposite side : I know," says he, that the Papacy is the kingdome of Anti-Christ, altogether full of lies, alto

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