European Politics

Colin Hay, Anand Menon
OUP Oxford, 18.1.2007 - 464 sivua
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This textbook blends an analysis of individual nation states with an examination of the critical issues that confront them all, and which are addressed comparatively. It takes account of both the national and transnational factors that affect and are affected by politics in Europe - notably European integration and globalisation. The book includes chapters on all the major issues confronting students of politics in Europe, organised into four sections. Section One provides basic information and details of essential debates concerning the states of Europe and the European Union. Section Two presents comparative chapters on the key features of European politics. These provide a sense of the major areas of continuity and change across Europe as a whole. Section Three again presents explicitly comparative chapters outlining the developments in specific policy sectors. Finally, Section Four outlines the nature of the external relations of Europe. This book is supported by a cutting-edge Online Resource Centre. Student resources: Interactive map of Europe with facts, key dates and web links for 26 countries (BRAND NEW HE ONLINE RESOURCE) Multiple Choice Questions for each chapter Flashcard glossary Lecturer resources: PowerPoint slides for each chapter

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Politics in European States
Political Dynamics in Contemporary Europe
Public Policies of Europe
Europe in the Wider World

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Colin Hay is Professor of Political Analysis at the University of Birmingham. Anand Menon is Director of the European Research Institute and Professor of European Politics at the University of Birmingham.

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