An historical developement of the present political constitution of the Germanic empire, tr. with notes [&c.] by J. Dornford


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Sivu 97 - See, I have this day set thee over the nations and over the kingdoms, to root out, and to pull down, and to destroy, and to throw down, to build, and to plant.
Sivu 116 - BOOK to contain a greater number of inhabitants, but capable of affording protection to their effects, and thofe of their neighbours who might take refuge there in times of neceffity. Any other motives than thofe of neceffity would have availed but little to diveft the people of their averfion to live in towns ; but the experience of other advantages which this inftitution produced, foon taught them to change their opinion ; and of courfe therefore the number of towns continually 1 increafed.
Sivu 96 - It was with difficulty that these who were devoted to an ecclesiastical life obtained sufficient instruction in reading, writing, and the Latin language, to perform the immediate duties of their office, and yet the advantage which even this procured them over...
Sivu 283 - Cologne fhould fit alternately one on his right hand, and the other on his left, according to the diocefe, or diftricl of the Arch-Chancellor, where the Imperial court happened to be held.
Sivu xiii - Majefty was fo fatisfied herfelf, that fhe condefcended to teftify her approbation of it in a letter to the Author. It was received with applaufe, by all the Proteftants of Germany. The Catholics no doubt viewed with a jealous eye, a work which...
Sivu 114 - Salzburg obtained a confirmation of their BOOK Lorraine and Germany, in the years 923 and 935, was now reftored, by more than one treaty with the King of France, to its former ftate. But we are principally indebted to this reign for the change which took place in the interior parts of Germany by the foundation of towns ; for before this period, excepting the caftles on the mountains, the feats of the nobility, and convents which happened liberty to trade, &c. from the Dukes of Bavaria. When King...
Sivu 116 - ... approbation. We have no particular account of any other regulation which might have been made, to encourage the population of the towns, and promote their trade ; much lefs are we acquainted with the number and fituatioo of the particular towns then founded.
Sivu 65 - Parliament pafied during the reign of that Queen, were, for that reafon, applicable to the affairs of Hanover ? Yet an opinion has even lately prevailed, that Charlemagne was the fucceflbr of Juftinian, and therefore the Juftinian code of laws was equally as valid in Germany as at Rome. In fupport of this was adduced the prophecy of Daniel concerning four monarchies, the laft of which, which .was to endure till the end of time, was the Roman empire, transferred from the Greeks to the Franks. In...
Sivu xii - Author/ who has long worn the laurel as one of the moft diftinguilhcd public lawyers in Germany, that he would compofe a book, " which might ferve to convey a juft idea of the prefent conftitution of Germany, in the manner of a hiftory ; but at the fame time more with relpeft to the modern than preceding times.
Sivu 318 - These were, in ancient times, given to the pope through all Christendom upon the decease of any bishop, abbot, or parish clerk, and were paid by his successor. At the Reformation they were taken from the pope, and vested in the king ; and, finally, queen Anne restored them to the church, by appropriating them to the augmentation of poor livings.

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