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Sivu 62 - ... rolled, tufted, or ragged, the stronger the coming wind will prove. Also, a bright yellow sky at sunset presages wind; a pale yellow, wet...
Sivu 62 - After fine clear weather, the first signs in the sky of a coming change are usually light streaks, curls, wisps or mottled patches of white distant clouds, which increase, and are followed by an overcasting of murky vapor that grows into cloudiness.
Sivu 62 - Soft-looking or delicate clouds foretell fine weather, with moderate or light breezes; hard-edged, oily-looking clouds, wind. A dark, gloomy, blue sky is windy; but a light, bright blue sky indicates fine weather. Generally the softer clouds look, the less wind (but perhaps more rain) may be expected; and the harder, more "greasy," rolled, tufted, or ragged, the stronger the coming wind will prove.
Sivu 62 - ... wind. Misty clouds forming, or hanging on heights, show wind and rain coming, if they remain, increase, or descend. If they rise or disperse, the weather will improve, or become fine.
Sivu 62 - Before and during the earlier part of settled weather it usually stands high and is stationary, the air being dry. Instances of fine weather, with a low glass, occur, however rarely, but they are always preludes to a duration of wind or rain, if not both.
Sivu 62 - Whether clear or cloudy, a rosy sky at sunset presages fine weather ; a red sky in the morning bad weather, or much wind (perhaps rain) ; a grey sky in the morning, fine weather ; a high dawn, wind ; a low dawn, fair weather.
Sivu 41 - Miles = 1 Degree of a Great Circle of the Earth. An inch is the smallest lineal measure to which a name is given, but subdivisions are used for many purposes. Among mechanics, the inch is commonly divided into eighths. By the officers of the revenue and by scientific persons it is divided into tenths, hundredths, &c.
Sivu 62 - If the barometer has been about its ordinary height, say near thirty inches, at the sea level,* and is steady, or rising — while the thermometer falls, and dampness becomes less — North-westerly, Northerly, or North-easterly wind — or less wind — less rain or snow — may be expected. On the contrary — if a fall takes place, with a rising thermometer and increased dampness, wind and rain may be expected from the South-eastward, Southward, or South-westward.
Sivu 62 - It should always be remembered that the state of the air foretells coming weather, rather than shows the weather that is present — an invaluable fact, too often overlooked, that the longer the time between the signs and the change foretold by them, the longer such altered weather will last ; and, on the contrary, the less the time between a warning and a change, the shorter will be the continuance of such foretold weather.
Sivu 41 - But Troy Weight is also used by Apothecaries in compounding medicines, and by them the ounce is divided into 8 drams, and the dram into 3 scruples, so that the scruple is equal to 20 grains. For scientific purposes...

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