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Leviathan (Lord Weston).” Williams was fined £8000, for not having delivered this letter to a justice of the peace, and Osbolston £5000. He was besides deprived of his post, and his ears were cut off. Short, vol. II., p. 96. Even Armstrong, the King's fool, was banished, because he had spoken disrespectfully of Laud. Rushworth, vol. II., p. 1–471. (29) Page 544. For several examples see Rymer. For instance, London was not to be enlarged, and every person who had not a settlement was to leave the city. All hackneycoaches in London were prohibited under severe penalties, because they incommoded the King, the Queen, and the Nobility; were the cause of danger, made hay and straw dear, &c. Rushworth, vol. I., p. 2—316–317. Vol. II., p. 144–

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