Japan: A Reinterpretation

HarperCollins, 1997 - 390 sivua
We envy their efficiency, but who are the sararimen, the corporation warriors who toil away with selfless dedication in their company cubicles? What do the children who spend every evening in "cram schools" really think and feel about their future? An epic and insightful look at the Japanese psyche and soul, revealing a people who now seek to change the very thing that we believe sets them apart: the struggle between individual rights and one's duty towards society.

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JAPAN: A Reinterpretation

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A radically against-the-grain appraisal of Japan and the Japanese from a journalist who spent many years on the Asia beat. Drawing largely on his own experience and research, Smith (The Nippon ... Lue koko arvostelu

Japan: a reinterpretation

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Smith, a journalist (New York Times, International Herald Tribune), attacks the view of Japan held by most Americans. Articulated best by Edwin O. Reischauer (The Japanese, 1977; updated as The ... Lue koko arvostelu


The Invisible Japanese
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