Sivut kuvina

Louisa's lips in kisses meet,
Like a twin-cherry, ripe, and sweet,
In Catbarine's breath, rich perfume dwells;
But ah! how Julia's bosom swells,

To charm the gaze of man;
Yeı if I praise them, sweet one, know,
They singly but remind me, so
Lips, breath and bosom I can show,

All blent in mistress Anne.



Bright eye of pensive eve! resplendent orb
That o'er the misty mountains shinest clear,

Like a rich gem
Upon an Ethiop's brow;

Thy lamp serene my now benighted steps Directs, to that blest spot where dwells my fair,

Twin rivals who can boast

More pure, more bright than thee. .' For not thy lovely sight, that kindly cheers * The sullen frown of unpropitious night,

Is half so sweet as truth,

That beams in beauty's eyes.
Not all the little waking elves, that rise
From out their noisy bow'rs of velvet buds,

Where they had slept the day,

To dance thy rays beneath,
Feel such delight as does this breast, when thou,
With radiant lustre show'st the happy hour,

That leads from scenes of care
To still domestic bliss.


Come Inspiration from thy hermit seat
By mortal seldom found; may Fancy dare
From thy fix'd serious eye and raptur'd glance
Shot on surrounding Heaven to steal our look**
Creative of the Poet, every power
Exalting to an ecstasy of soul.


List to the maniac's moan,

Who strangely mutters in his lonely cell,
While on the whispering breeze, his plainings swell

In accents broken by the frequent groan!
Now raving wild!—now sadly musing sits,

In frenzied rage-or calm, by fits, And oft with fix'd and ideot stare,

Sullenly stands, and mutely courts despair
Yet, from that darkly shaded eye,

Now lit by maniac ecstasy,
Once the bright Aash of genius gleamid,

Once o'er that face, the smile of gladness p
And the mild light of virtue beam'd;

Once was that form in every charm array'd, And once upon that forehead shone

The lightning rays which play round Reason's throne Still to my view, remembrance faithful gives The friend I early lov'd, in mind unchanged,

Still in fond memory, B- unaltered lives: From intellect-yet not from me estranged. 2.

0! when I view that wreck of talents fair, ; That faded form, untenanted by thought .

By sorrow crazed, I'd quit my happier lot,
In all those frenzied bursts of madness fierce, to share!

Yet for my friend, they bid me not to mourn,
For sense of bliss and pain, at once, are flown,

And vainly are the seeds of misery sown, They ne'er can sprout to view, till Reason's sun return..


O! my lost friend, that for a single hour,

The madd’ning fiends would cease t exert their power That softly resting 'gainst my heart,

The balm of friendship might allay the smart VOL. VII.

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For thine, each wintry waste, each lonely wild; .
Rough ocean's mountain wave, the solemn wood;
The mossy rocks in native grandeur pild;
Scenes of the mountain and the roaring food;
Joys of poetic minds and of the good.
By thee, each scene sublime delights the soul,
And gives that pensive melancholy mood,
While through the panting heart soft raptures roll,
And virtue's joys, with social bliss, our harsher thoughts


When wintry snows conceal fair Nature's charms,
And the bleak gale with chilling blast assails,
Thy magic aid the ruthless storm disarms;
Then verdant are the fields and soft the gales,
And the glad mind each blooming beauty hails.
Or if we pant where scorching sunbeams glow,
Where no bless'd shade or cooling breeze prevails,
Imagination gives to tread the trackless snow, .
Through leafless woods or on the crackling ice to go

To thee, the warrior bows, as bold he fies
To meet the invading foc upon the shore:
How warms his patriot heart and fires his eye!
For Fancy tells him they depart no more.
He longs to hear the loud artillery roar,
And meet his daring foeman hand to hand,
And bathe the thirsty weapon in his gore.
For him is held aloft thy wondrous hand
That points to victory for his insulted land.

'Tis she, sweet maid, who charms the lover's eyes,
And pours a heavenly balm o'er all his mind;
Who constant gives the nymph for whom he sighs
With all her virtues and her charms combin'd,
Her looks bewitching and her accents kind.
Still may thou ever sooth his anxious heart,
And he in thee, his lovely mistress find,
Until the sweet confession she impart
And conscious blushes own love's dear congenial smart.

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