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appointment, and prepared the bitter,

though wholesome cup. In another place he writes : “ Think you his mercies are clean


? has he forgotten to be gracious ? No: here I feel, I feel the

shedding abroad of his love ; and when “ I have been about to write bitter things, « his voice has penetrated the gloom, and - hushed the tumult of my sorrows and my “ fears, saying, It is I, be not afraid. Pre“cious Saviour, why should I fear though “ the king of terrors himself should ap

proach me? Am I not thine ? Art thou “ not my only hope and trust, my rock,

my joy, my righteousness, my sanctifica“ tion, my salvation, my all and in all ?” In another letter he

says: “ In my various “ afflictions, I trust my soul has been duly “ exercised and blessed. I have prayed for “I have obtained a good degree of resig“ nation.” He states in another, that “ with “ calmness and the sweet hope of a blissful

immortality, he was in the habit of meditat“ing on his own death."

His inability to preach Christ, whom he loved so ardently, affected him most sensibly. “ It would have been,” such is his language,

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a sweet, sad duty to speak to my fellow“ sinners, and especially to God's people, on " the vicissitudes of our lot, and the sore “ bereavements which we sometimes sus“ tain ; and of the sweet and heavenly “ satisfaction in a holy and silent resigna“tion to our Father's will. Above all, it “ would have strengthened and delighted

my soul, to tell my dear flock what a “ compassionate high-priest we have in our « Jesus ; how ready to hear our sighs; to

answer our prayers; to increase our faith ; " and while his wisdom and faithfulness bring chastenings upon

his beloved

people; how tender he is toward them; does “ not chasten them above what they are “ able to bear, but supports, comforts, and “ sanctifies them. Yes, it seems to me, were strength given, it would be


de“ light to speak of him and his


of “ his fatherly discipline and fatherly love « « from morn to noon–from noon to dewy

eve. Such is the man who is taken from the Church and his friends.

The Lord gave, and the Lord hath “ taken away: blessed be the name of the

66 Lord'.” He is removed from the temple below to that which is above. Having overcome through grace, he has entered into his rest, and in the assembly of the just, experiences in all its extent, the blessedness of the dead who die in the Lord.

But, though dead, he yet speaketh.
From his


he warns them who have neglected the great salvation, to hasten to the city of refuge without delay, that they may escape the wrath to come.

. He admonishes them who have hope toward God through our Lord Jesus, to work out their salvation with fear and trembling, and to give all diligence to make their calling and election

He bids his brethren in the ministry to quicken their zeal and increase their efforts for the cause of Christ. He reminds us all that time is short, and eternity at hand. Presently the places which now know us, will know us no more for ever. We shall in our turn become inhabitants of the land of silence.

Let us, then, ask ourselves the solemn questions, Are we prepared to encounter death? Have we the hope of the Gos


1 Job i. 21.

pel, which maketh not ashamed ? God knoweth. We may practise a deception upon ourselves, and upon others, but he will detect the same in that day when he cometh to judge the quick and the dead. Be persuaded to examine yourselves, strictly and honestly, whether you are in the faith or not. Rest not satisfied with slight and unsatisfactory evidences of your gracious state. See that you have Christ in

you, the hope of glory, and be “ followers of them who through faith and patience in“ herit the promises“.” AMEN.


n Heb. vi. 12.



ACTS XXIV, 24, 25.

And after certain days, when Felix came

with his wife Drusilla, which was a Jewess, he sent for Paul, and heard him concerning the faith in Christ. And as he reasoned of righteousness, temperance, and judgment to come, Felix trembled, and answered, Go thy way for this time; when I have a convenient season I will call for thee.

The Apostles, like their illustrious Master, experienced the scorn, hatred, and persecution of men and devils. Though they went about doing good, publishing salvation, and working miracles, yet did they suffer afflictions of the sorest kind. They were treated like malefactors, the off-scour

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