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Bench in England, to make Provision for the Lord Chief Justice of the said Court, and to grant an additional Annuity to the said Lord Chief Justice on Resignation of his Office. Page 467 83. An Act to abolish the Sale of Offices in the Court of Common Pleas in England, to make Provision for the Lord Chief Justice of the said Court, and to grant an additional Annuity to the said Lord Chief Justice on Resignation of his Office. 84. An Act to provide for the augmenting the Salaries of the Master of the Rolls and the Vice Chancellor of England, the Chief Baron of the Court of Exchequer, and the Puisne Judges and Barons of the Courts in Westminster Hall; and to enable His Majesty to grant an Annuity to such Vice Chancellor, and additional Annuities to such Master of the Rolls, Chief Baron and Puisne Judges and Barons, on their Resignation of their 479 respective Offices. 85. An Act for further regulating the Payment of the Salaries and Pensions to the Judges of His Majesty's Courts in India, and the Bishop of Calcutta; for authorizing the Transportation of Offenders from the Island of Saint Helena; and for more effectually providing for the Administration of Justice in Singapore and Malacca, and certain Colonies on the Coast of Coromandel. 484 86. An Act to provide for the Erection of certain Courts and Offices of Justice in Scotland. 497

87. An Act to regulate the Payment of Salaries and Allowances to British Consuls at Foreign Ports, and the Disbursements at such Ports for certain public Purposes. 507

88. An Act to make Provision for the Salaries of certain Bishops and other Ecclesiastical Dignitaries and Ministers, in the Diocese of Jamaica, and in the Diocese of Barbadoes and the Leeward Islands; and to enable His Majesty to grant Annuities to such Bishops upon the Resignation of their Offices. 517 89. An Act to authorize the Purchase of the Office of Receiver and Comptroller of the Seal of the Court of King's Bench and Common Pleas, and of Custos Brevium of the Court of Common Pleas. 520

90. An Act to amend an Act of the Fifty seventh Year of His

late Majesty, for enabling His Majesty to recompense the Services of Persons holding or who have held certain high and efficient Civil Offices. 521

91. An Act to repeal so much of an Act passed in the Sixth Year of His late Majesty King George the First, as relates to the restraining several extravagant and unwarrantable Practices in the said Act mentioned; and for conferring additional Powers upon His Majesty, with respect to the granting of Charters of Incorporation to trading and other Companies.


92. An Act to render valid Marriages solemnized in certain Churches and Public Chapels in which Banns have not usually been published. 524

93. An Act to render valid certain Decrees and Orders at the Rolls Court. 526

91. An Act to alter and amend an Act for the better Protection


of the Property of Merchants and others, who may hereafter enter into Contracts or Agreements in relation to Goods, Wares or Merchandize intrusted to Factors or Agents. Page 527 95. An Act to enable such Persons as His Majesty may be pleased to call to the Degree of a Serjeant at Law, to take upon themselves that Office in Vacation.



96. An Act for preventing frivolous Writs of Error. 97. An Act for the better Preservation of the Peace and good Order in the Universities of England. 534 98. An Act to prevent the further Circulation of Tokens issued by the Governor and Company of the Bank of Ireland, for the Convenience of the Public, and for defraying the Expence of exchanging such Tokens.

535 99. An Act to repeal an Act of the last Session of Parliament relative to the forming Tables of Manors, Parishes and Townlands in Ireland, and to make Provision for ascertaining the Boundaries of the same. 536 100. An Act to extend the Powers of an Act for vesting in Commissioners the Bridges building over the Menai Straits and the River Conway, and the Harbours of Howth and Holyhead, and the Road from Dublin to Howth; and for the further Improvement of the Road from London to Holyhead. 545 101. An Act to provide for the repairing, maintaining and keeping

in Repair certain Roads and Bridges in Ireland.

575 102. An Act to amend the Laws respecting deserted Children in Ireland.


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103. An Act to enable the principal Officers and Commissioners of His Majesty's Navy to acquire certain Portions of the Docks and Shore Ground at Leith for a Naval Yard, and to enable the Commissioners of the Treasury to advance a certain Sum of Money on the Security of the Docks and of the Harbour of Leith.


104. An Act to repeal certain Duties of Customs, and to grant other Duties in lieu thereof; to continue, until the Fifth Day of July One thousand eight hundred and twenty six, the Bounties on Refined Sugar; and to alter the Bounty on Cordage. 586 105. An Act to repeal the several Laws relating to the Customs.


106. An Act for the Management of the Customs.

676 695

107. An Act for the general Regulation of the Customs. 108. An Act for the Prevention of Smuggling.


109. An Act for the Encouragement of British Shipping and Na


784 808

112. An Act for the warehousing of Goods.


113. An Act to grant certain Bounties and Allowances of Cus900


114. An Act to regulate the Trade of the British Possessions abroad. 905

115. An Act for regulating the Trade of the Isle of Man. 935 116. An Act for regulating Vessels carrying Passengers to Foreign Parts.


110. An Act for the registering of British Vessels. 111. An Act for granting Duties of Customs.

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117. An

117. An Act to repeal the Excise Duties and Drawbacks on Flint Glass in Great Britain, and to impose other Duties and another Drawback in lieu thereof, throughout the United Kingdom; and to continue the Jurisdiction and Powers for recovering Penalties under Customs and Excise Laws in Ireland, until further Provision can be made. Page 949 118. An Act to transfer the Collection and Management of the Duties on Gold and Silver Plate in Ireland, and also on certain Licences in Great Britain and Ireland respectively, from the Commissioners of Excise to the Commissioners of Stamps in Great Britain and Ireland respectively; and to repeal so much of an Act as requires Excise Stamps to be affixed on Papers and Pots containing Cocoa Paste.

967 119. An Act to allow Newspapers to be printed upon Paper of a larger Size than is now allowed; and to reduce the Stamp Duties now payable upon Supplements to Newspapers and other Papers in Great Britain. 971 120. An Act for the better regulating of the Forms of Process in the Courts of Law in Scotland. 974 121. An Act to enable the Insolvent Debtors' Court to dispense, until the end of the next Session of Parliament, with the Necessity of Prisoners residing within the Walls in certain Cases. 995 122. An Act for the better Regulation of the Linen and Hempen Manufactures of Ireland. 996 123. An Act to establish a Taxation of Costs on Private Bills in the House of Commons; and to prohibit the Sale of certain Offices under the Sergeant at Arms attending the House of Commons. 1014 124. An Act for making the Four Districts in the Parish of Saint Mary-le-bone, in the County of Middlesex, District Rectories for certain Purposes.


125. An Act for the Amendment of the Law respecting Pilots and Pilotage; and also for the better Preservation of Floating Lights, Buoys and Beacons.


126. An Act to make Provision in Scotland for the further Prevention of malicious shooting, and attempting to discharge loaded Fire Arms, stabbing, cutting, wounding, poisoning, maiming, disfiguring and disabling His Majesty's Subjects. 1062 127. An Act for making further Provision by Law for the Protection of Property in Orchards, Gardens and Nursery Grounds.


128. An Act to enable the Commissioners of His Majesty's Treasury to advance out of the Consolidated Fund certain Sums for the Payment of Debts due from the Commissioners of Wide Streets, and for the erecting a Corn Exchange in the City of Dublin; and to repeal certain Duties on Licences relating to Cards and Clubs in the City of Dublin. 1064 129. An Act to repeal the Laws relating to the Combination of Workmen, and to make other Provisions in lieu thereof. 1066 130. An Act to alter and amend the Law as to Church Rates in 1078 131. An Act to regulate the Mode in which certain Societies or Copartnerships in Scotland may sue and be sued. 1079 132. An Act for dividing, allotting and inclosing the

Ireland, and to regulate the same.

Forest of

Salcey, in the Counties of Northampton and Buckingham, and of certain Lands in the Parish of Ĥartwell in the said County of Northampton. Page 1080 133. An Act to amend and explain an Act of the Fifty fifth Year of His late Majesty, for better regulating the Practice of Apothecaries throughout England and Wales. 134. An Act for applying the Surplus of the Grants of the Year One thousand eight hundred and twenty four to the Service of the Year One thousand eight hundred and twenty five; and for further appropriating the Supplies granted in this Session of Parliament.






i. AN Act for more effectually repairing and otherwise improving the Road from the Town of Derby to the Town of Uttoxeter in the County of Stafford, and for making and maintaining a new Branch of Road to communicate with the said Road.

Page 1098 ii. An Act for repairing and maintaining the Road from Penwortham Bridge to the Boundary between the Townships of Wrightington and Shevington, and the Road from Lydiate Lane End to a Bridge called Little Hanging Bridge, all in the County of Lancaster. Ibid. iii. An Act for making and maintaining a Turnpike Road from the Turnpike Road called Wellington Bridge Road, near the Town of Leeds, in the West Riding of the County of York, to the Turnpike Road leading from Wakefield to Bradford, in the said Riding, near a certain Place called Tong Lane End, in the Lordship or Liberty of Tong, in the Parish of Birstal, in the Riding aforesaid, with several Branch Roads therefrom.

1099 iv. An Act for building a Bridge and making a Causeway and Turnpike Road from or near Grigg's Quay, in the Parish of Uny Lelant, over Hayle River and Sands, in the Parish of Saint Erth, to Carnsew Quay, through Hayle Foundery, in the said Parish of Saint Erth, and Pen Poll, in the Parish of Phillack, all in the County of Cornwall. Ibid.

v. An Act for lighting, cleansing, watching and improving the Township of Ardwick in the County of Lancaster, and for regulating the Police thereof. Ibid.

vi. An Act for paving, lighting, watching, cleansing, regulating and improving the Town of Stroud, in the County of GlouIbid.


vii. An Act for more effectually repairing the Roads from the Turnpike Road upon Gatherley Moor, in the County of York, to Staindrop, in the County of Durham, and from the said Turnpike Road near Smallways, across the River Tees, to Winston, in the said County of Durham. Ibid. viii. An Act for repairing the Road leading from Bridgnorth to Shiffnall, otherwise Idsall, in the County of Salop. Ibid.

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