Miscellaneous Documents: 30th Congress, 1st Session - 49th Congress, 1st Session, Nide 17


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Sivu 80 - The Lenape and Their Legends: With the Complete Text and Symbols of the Walam Olum, A New Translation, and an Inquiry into Its Authenticity, Brinton's Library of Aboriginal American Literature no.
Sivu 75 - Ye shall not round the corners of your heads, neither shalt thou mar the corners of thy beard. 28 Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you : I am the LORD.
Sivu 52 - GRAY is the color of penance, mourning, humility, or accused innocence. BLACK with white signified humility, mourning, and purity of life. Alone, it spoke of darkness, wickedness, and death, and belonged to Satan. In pictures of the Temptation, Jesus sometimes wears black.
Sivu 75 - In the same manner the military reports were prepared. In every town some expert men were appointed to tie the knots of the quipu, and to explain them. These men were called quipucamayocuna (literally, officers of the knots). Imperfect as was this method, yet in the flourishing period of the Inca government the appointed officers had acquired great dexterity in unriddling the meaning of the knots. It, however, seldom happened that they had to read a quipu without some verbal commentary.
Sivu 6 - Major Bush says : Dakotas first made use of lariat in catching wild horses. 1813-'14 — No. I. Many Indians died of cold (consumption). No. II. The whooping-cough was very prevalent and fatal. The sign is ludicrously suggestive of a blast of air coughed out by the man-figure. No. III. Dakotas had whooping-cough, very fatal. The interruption in the cough is curiously designed. An attempt at the same thing is made in Chart l,and a less marked attempt appears in No.
Sivu 140 - The speaker with his harpoon, making the sign of a sea lion with the left hand. The flat hand is held edgewise with the thumb elevated, then pushed outward from the body in a slightly downward curve. 9. A sea lion. 10. Shooting with bow and arrow. 1 1. The boat with two persons in it, the paddles projecting downward. 12. The winter, or permanent habitation of the speaker.
Sivu 402 - It will be impossible, however, to prove that the portrait of a particular personage was intended. The closed eyes, the rather sunken nose, and the parted lips were certainly intended to give the effect of death. The ears are large, correctly placed, and well modeled ; they are perforated all along the margin, thus revealing a practice of the people to whom they referred.
Sivu 93 - Nadowessies) in 1766-'77, explains that "besides the name of the animal by which every nation or tribe [clan] is denominated, there are others that are personal, which the children receive from their mother. * * * The chiefs are distinguished by a name that has either some reference to their abilities or to the hieroglyphic of their families, and these are acquired after they have arrived at the age of manhood. Such as have signalized themselves either in their war or hunting parties, or are possessed...
Sivu 37 - Indians to give a single blow with a hammer to these rocks, the venerable monuments of the superior mental cultivation of their predecessors. They regard them as the work of the Great Spirit, and the different tribes whom we met with, though living at a great distance, were nevertheless acquainted with them.
Sivu 194 - A Yokaia widow's style of mourning is peculiar. In addition to the usual evidences of grief she mingles the ashes of her dead husband with pitch, making a white tar or unguent, with which she smears a band about 2 inches wide all around the edge of the hair (which is previously cut off close to the head), so that at a little distance she appears to be wearing a white chaplet.

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