York Plays: The Plays Performed by the Crafts Or Mysteries of York on the Day of Corpus Christi in the 14th, 15th, and 16th Centuries, Nide 1

Lucy Toulmin Smith
Clarendon Press, 1885 - 557 sivua

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Sivu 526 - Tota pulchra es amica mea, et macula non est in te. 8 Veni de Libano, sponsa mea, veni de Libano, veni : coronaberis de capite Amana, de vertice Sanir et Hermon, de cubilibus leonum, de montibus pardorum.
Sivu lii - XLVI is that regular repetition (or iteration) of the last line of one stanza in the first line of the next, dear to the northern poets ; and there is a partial but decided iteration of link-words in the same manner in Plays VI, XIV, XXXII, XXXVI, XXXVII, XXXVIII.
Sivu lviii - ... glorious manner : moreover, a multitude of angels will be seen in a double rank, which presents a double prospect, one for the sun, the other for a palace, where will be seen six angels ringing of bells.
Sivu xvi - ... Converted to the new faith, the citizens would have liked to convert the plays too, and the margins of the manuscript bear witness to their efforts. But the task was a difficult one ; they were at their wits' end, and appealed to men more learned than they.
Sivu 373 - I dwellyd ther thryrty yeres and two, And som dele more, the sothe to say, In anger, pyne, and mekylle wo, I dyde on cros this day. Therfor tille helle now wille I go, To chalange that is myne, Adam, Eve, and othere mo, Thay shalle no longer dwelle in pyne ; The feynde theym wan withe trayn, Thrughe fraude of earthly fode, I have theym boght agan With shedyng of my blode. And now I wille that stede restore, Whiche the feynde felle fro for syn, Som tokyn wille I send before, Withe myrthe to gar thare...
Sivu xxviii - As to the beginning of the said gild, be it known that, once on a time, a play setting forth the goodness of the Lord's Prayer was played in the city of York; in which play all manner of vices and sins were held up to scorn, and the virtues were held up to praise.
Sivu lxvii - Owain Miles and other inedited fragments of ancient English poetry,
Sivu xxxiv - ... wapen, careynge tapers of ye pagentz. And officers yat ar keepers of the pees of payne of forfaiture of yaire fraunchis and yaire bodyes to prison : And all maner of craftmen yat bringeth furthe ther pageantez in order and coarse by good players, well arayed and openly spekyng, vpon payn of lesyng of Cs.

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