Mineral Resources of the United States, Osa 1

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1912

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Sivu 333 - Provided, That on all importations of lead-benring ores the duties shall be estimated at the port of entry, and a bond given In double the amount of such estimated duties for the transportation of the ores by common carriers bonded for the transportation of appraised or unappraised merchandise to properly equipped sampling or smelting establishments, whether designated as bonded warehouses or otherwise.
Sivu 211 - WORLD'S PRODUCTION OF GOLD. The production of gold in the world since 1860 is shown in the following table from the report of the Director of the Mint for the fiscal year ended June 30, 1911.
Sivu 783 - Sphalerite, or zinc blende, is the next important metallic mineral, but it occurs much less plentifully than galena. It is recovered as zinc middlings in the concentration of the fluorspar. The difficulty of making a clean separation of the zinc middlings has kept down the production of zinc. None has been sold from southern Illinois in the last four years.
Sivu 376 - ... methods under the supervision of government officers, who shall be stationed at such establishments, and who shall submit the samples thus obtained to a government assayer, designated by the Secretary of the Treasury, who shall make a proper assay of the sample and report the result to the proper customs officers, and the import entries shall be liquidated thereon, except in case of ores that shall be removed to a bonded warehouse to be refined for exportation as provided by law. And the Secretary...
Sivu 376 - PAR. 194. Zinc in blocks or pigs and zinc dust, one and three-eighths cents per pound; in sheets, one and five-eighths cents per pound; in sheets coated or plated with nickel or other metal or solutions, one and three-fourths cents per pound: old and worn-out, fit only to be remanufactured, one cent per pound.
Sivu 171 - VAN HISE, CR, and LEITH, CK, The geology of the Lake Superior region: Mon., vol.
Sivu 347 - States as shown by the report of the Bureau of Statistics of the Department of Commerce and Labor...
Sivu 148 - The next two pages, the southeast quarter of the northeast quarter and the southwest quarter of the northeast quarter, and so on through the other quarters of the section.
Sivu 784 - ... ores is so small that it is disregarded in the assay and sale of the concentrates. For this reason the smelter reports must be relied upon for the silver production. As may be seen by inspection of the table, the quantity of silver produced in any year bears no direct ratio to the quantity of concentrates smelted during that year.
Sivu 335 - It is not be be denied that for the individual year this gives closer figures. It is just as true that account of trade stocks should also be taken to arrive at accurate results; but this is manifestly outside the scope of this bureau. It has been found impossible to obtain a statement of stocks from one large producer since 1906 ; hence consumption has been calculated without reference to domestic stocks. A very considerable part, however, amounting to between one-fourth and one-fifth of the lead...

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