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I profess to be a PHILANTHROPIST, I seek no better name.


[Price 50 cents single-$4,50 per dczen–$30 per hundred.]

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[PHILANTHROPY literally means love of the human family; HUMANITY ' embraces likewise all animals; the principle is one ; the two terms naturally, and in this book, positively imply each other. In this selection, the various modes of oppression, arising from age, birth, wealth, race, sex, faith and government, have in part been treated of distinctly, but they often coalesce into each other, or into their common source.-Cruelty, which, under all its forms, is the same human monster. Little is here introduced from the author's literary, scientific, political, religious or miscellaneous publi. catior.s, (which are enumerated in his memoirs,) the progress of the press having abuşdantly supplied the reading public on such topics ; but as a useful comprehensive book of morals, it may be pledged against any single original volume, and in proportion to its amount of extracts, with any book of com. pilations. Our author is an enthusiast in doing good; he writes with his heart in his hand. But while constantly in. culcating universal beneficence, he must not be understood to derogate from the indispensable practice of industry, economy, and foresight. “Self preservation is the first law of nature ;" « Charity begins at home;" “We must be just to ourselves that we may be just to others ; " "He who provides not for his own household is worse than an infidel ;” “If each provided for one, all the world would be provided for :" But while keeping a good look out for number one, each is bound also to respect the rights and feelings, and mitigate the wants and sufferings of all others. Indeed this work, by exposing the world's heartless customs and frozen charity, tends to caution the unwary as well as to enliven the stupid, and pre. vent, as well as palliate moral evils. . The author has, during his eventful life, possessed great opportunities for observa

tion and talent for reflection ; the result is before the public. If any are disposed to censure the sincerity or severity of his strictures or selections, they will find at the end of the volume, the sermon of Jesus Christ, in whose gospel he is a believer, and of whose precepts a practiser. The reward of virtue is a crown of thorns. To reform abuses, is to excite the villainy of the knaves that live by them, and the violence of their dupes and tools. The honest language of the author is, “ All the favor I ask of the public is, to read the book before they are offended and condemn it, for to reprobate without reading it, is ungenerous and unjust. And if they read and will not buy, I will thank them more than if they purchased, and refused to read it, as my object is not to make money, but to do good.”

This book is accordingly put at a low price, to bring it within the reach of all classes, and to induce those who are friendly, to purchase freely for use and for distribution. The stereotype plates will be sold at cost, reserving a right for the author's use ; or they will be loaned gratuitously, to any responsible publishers who will sell the work cheap in proportion. Besides variations in arrangement and verbal alter. ations, the sentences in brackets [ ] in this book, have been inserted by a friend of the author, because a friend of Liberty and Humanity.]


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