An epitome of Paley's Principles of moral and political philosophy, by a member of the University of Cambridge, author of the 'Epitome of the Evidences of Christianity'.


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Sivu 17 - the doing good to mankind, in obedience to the will of God, and for the sake of everlasting happiness.
Sivu 270 - English Synonymes Explained in Alphabetical Order. With copious Illustrations and Examples drawn from the Best Writers.
Sivu 54 - Where the terms of promise admit of more senses than one, the promise is to be performed " in that sense in which the promiser apprehended, at the time, that the promisee received it.
Sivu 42 - And the fear of you and the dread of you shall be upon every beast of the earth, and upon every fowl of the air...
Sivu 270 - A DICTIONARY OF LATIN PHRASES: Comprehending a methodical digest of the various phrases from the best authors, which have been collected in all phraseological •works hitherto published ; for the more speedy progress of students in LATIN COMPOSITION. By W.
Sivu 223 - They ought rather to reflect, that he who falls by a mistaken sentence, may be considered as falling for his country ; whilst he suffers under the operation of those rules, by the general effect and tendency of which the welfare of the community is maintained and upholden. CHAPTER X. OF RELIGIOUS ESTABLISHMENTS, AND OF TOLERATION. ' A RELIGIOUS establishment is no part of Christianity ; it is only the means of inculcating it.
Sivu 223 - ten guilty persons escape, than that one
Sivu 29 - ... that the method of coming at the will of God, concerning any action, by the light of nature, is to inquire into the tendency of that action to promote or diminish the general happiness.
Sivu 100 - ... from them, were supposed to be left to the voluntary bounty of those who might be acquainted with the exigencies of their situation, and in the way of affording assistance. And, therefore, when the partition of property is rigidly maintained against the claims of indigence and distress, it is maintained in opposition to the intention of those who made it, and to his, who is the Supreme Proprietor of every thing, and who has filled the world with plenteousness for the sustentation and comfort...
Sivu 177 - Civil societies cannot be upheld, unless in each the interest of the whole society be binding upon every part and member of it;" — this is the third step, and conducts us to the conclusion, namely, "that so long as the interest of the whole society requires it, that is, so long as the established government cannot be resisted or changed without public...

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