Vignaud Pamphlets: Asia Minor


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Sivu 557 - Ho was born in 1841, a year after the second expedition of Sir Charles Fellows, at Xanthos. Near Sendjirli I know an Armenian woman who is very fair; her own people pretend that she is the daughter of an American. But all these are rare exceptions, of no general importance, and I feel sure that the modern admixture of European blood is in no way responsible for the great number of light-colored people also in the interior of Asia Minor and Syria. That in Oriental towns with very hot summers the death...
Sivu 125 - Cette branche ancienne de la famille sémitique, partie la première du berceau commun, disent les partisans d'une telle opinion, la première aussi, parmi cette foule de hordes longtemps nomades, se fixa, puis s'éleva à la civilisation en Chaldée, en Ethiopie, en Egypte, en Palestine, pour devenir à ses frères demeurés pasteurs un objet d'envie et d'exécration tout à la fois.
Sivu 561 - Kurds, but we do not know when these tribes first set then- foot upon the soil of their present home. The Assyrian annals and careful excavations on the upper Euphrates and Tigris will probably, at some future time, shed light upon this question. Meanwhile it is important to state two facts : The Kurds speak an Aryan language, and they have long heads and generally blue eyes and f air hair.
Sivu 559 - Gypsy tents as high up as 8,000feet. Unhappily, nothing is known about their early migrations and history; they speak Turkish in Asia Minor, Arabic in Syria, and keep secret their own language with so much care that my various and repeated efforts to get at least a few phrases turned out a complete...
Sivu 554 - always remain a mystery." Since then minute anthropometric researches and vast excavations have both thrown light on most of the problems connected with this "mystery," so that it may now be considered as practically solved. My own way of proceeding was to eliminate one by one every national or racial element that could be traced as having come from outside, and then to study the remainder. It was my good fortune to begin archeological and anthropometric field work in Lycia as early as 1881, and...

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