World War I: A Country-by-Country Guide [2 volumes]

Spencer C. Tucker
ABC-CLIO, 10.5.2019 - 763 sivua

Offers detailed coverage of every country that played a significant role in World War I, from key participants including France, Germany, Great Britain, the Ottoman Empire, and the United States, to smaller nations such as Bulgaria, Montenegro, and New Zealand.

World War I: A Country-by-Country Guide is a comprehensive reference exploring the role various nations played in this devastating conflict. Each of the 22 country sections provides detailed background information, the reasons behind the country's entry into the war, a summary of its combat effort in the war, a discussion of the home front experience, and a description of the war's impact on that nation. Illuminating sidebars offer an interesting war anecdote involving each country, while essays survey each country's military branches and key military and political leaders. Finally, a timeline for each nation covers all of the important events involving that country during World War I.

In addition to the country coverage, a battles section offers entries on 18 of World War I's most important engagements and a separate section on weapons and tactical changes is included. The book also features dozens of maps and images throughout the text that serve as important visual aids that help readers to understand all aspects of the conflict.

  • Provides a detailed overview of World War I from the perspective of each country that fought in the conflict
  • Offers historical context for the level of involvement in World War I of 22 countries, including the reasons they entered the war and the consequences for each nation when the war ended
  • Includes "Did You Know?" sidebars on interesting details, statistics, or other information related to the countries covered in the book


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Spencer C. Tucker, PhD, has been senior fellow in military history at ABC-CLIO since 2003. He has written or edited 58 books or encyclopedias treating military and naval history, a number of which have won important awards.

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