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shade below Masillon, he has far exceeded him ag a divine.

With regard to the peculiar opinions of the religious denoininations, this venerable Minister discovered superior knowledge, and admirable moderation. Commissioned to preach the gospel to every creature, he magnifies the love of God to man; and charges the sinner with being the sole cause of his own destruction. [Sermon, Hosea xiii. 9.] Though he asserts the perseverance of the saints, it is, nevertheless, with such restrictions as tend to avoid disgusting persons of opposite sentiments. Against Antinomianisın, so dangerous to salvation, he is tremendously severe: and it were to be wished that the supporters of these opinions would profit by his arguments. It is much safer to direct our efforts, that our hearers may resemble the God they worship, than trust to a mere code of religious opinions dissonant to a multitude of Scriptures.

May Heaven bless to the reader this additional mite to the store of public knowledge, and make it advantageous to his best interests, and eternal joy!


Halifax, Nov. 21, 1805.

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