The History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England, Begun in the Year 1641, Nide 2

printed at the Theater, 1707 - 6 sivua

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Sivu 220 - The standard was blown down the same night it had been set up, by a very strong and unruly wind, and could not be fixed again in a day or two, till the tempest was allayed.
Sivu 451 - an hour. You have asked that of me in this, " was never asked of a king, and with which I will " not trust my wife and children.
Sivu 430 - I have fome caufe to believe, that even this argument, which was unanfwerable for the rejecting that bill, was applied for the confirming it ; and an opinion that the violence and force, ufed in procuring it, rendered it...
Sivu 494 - Papifts hadal" ready, in a great part, effected in that Kingdom ; and, in " all likelyhood, would quickly be attempted in other places, "if the confideration of the ftrength, and union of the two " Nations of England and Scotland, did not much hinder, and "difcourage the execution of any fuch defign.
Sivu 426 - Majesty, he very cheerfully undertook the province, to the general satisfaction and public joy of the whole kingdom ; and to the no little honour and credit of the court, that so important and beloved a person would attach himself to it under such a relation, when so many, who had scarce ever eaten any bread but the King's, detached themselves from their dependence, that they might without him and against him, preserve and improve those fortunes, which they had procured...
Sivu 138 - Councillors and Judges may take an oath, the form whereof to be agreed on and settled by Act of Parliament, for the maintaining of the Petition of Right and of certain statutes made by...
Sivu 451 - Heaven upon this nation, if these distractions continue. God so deal with me and mine as all my thoughts and intentions are upright for the maintenance of the true protestant profession, and for the observation and preservation of the laws of this land : and I hope God will bless and assist those laws for my preservation.
Sivu 441 - AND they befought him to be inform'd by them , that, " By the Laws of the Kingdom, the Power of railing, order" ing, and difpofing of the Militia within any City, Town, " or other Place, could not be granted to any Corporation by " Charter, or otherwife, without the Authority and...
Sivu 375 - ... who came up to the very door of the house, and placed themselves there, and in other places and passages near to the house, to the great terror and disturbance of the members then sitting ; that his...
Sivu 30 - ... was to consist, (though, by the recommendation of two or three members of the commons, whom they were not willing to displease, and by the authority of the lords, who added a small number to those named by the house of commons, a few very reverend and worthy men were inserted ; yet of the whole number...

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