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With the precedent Passages, and Actions, thatcontri-
bated thereunto, and the happy End, and Conclusion
thereof by the King's blessed Restoration, and
"iturn, upon the 29th of May, in the Year 1660.

Written by the Right Honourable

Iward Earl of Clarendon,

I Lord High Chancellor of England, Privy Counsellor in
. Reigns of King Charles the First and the Second.

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Mory of the Rebellion, &c. Bo o K IV.

Isa. Xvii. 12. Wo to the "Multitude of many People, rvbich make a' Noise like the noise of the &as; and to the Rustling ofNationsy thatmdkafy/binglike the fy/ljzig of many Waters.


HEN the King came to Tork, which was Thi Kjog about the middle ofAugust, he found no"""" part of either Army disbanded, for, though ]"«",. Orders had been issued to that purpose, yet aw, scot

the Money, without which it could not land.

be done, was not yet come to hand j and because so great a Sum could not be presently procured, as wpuld satisfy Both, snAct.of Parliament had been pass'd, for the Satissaction of the Principal Officers of the King's Army, by which they were promised Payment, upon thePublick Faith, in Novemkr following,; till which time they were to respite it, and be contented that,the common Soldiers, and Inferior Officers, should be fully Satissied upon their Disbanding.

D Uk i N g, the time of the King's abode at Tork, which was not many days, the Earl of Holland, Lord General, made a suit to him. for the making a Baron; which, at that time, might have been worth to him ten thousand pounds. Whether the King apprehended the making an unfk man, who might dislerve him in the House of Peers; or whether he refolv'd to contain himself from enlarging that number, except upon to extraordinary relation to his Own Service, I know not: tut he thought not sit, ac that time, to gratify the Earl: by which He took himself to be highly Disobliged ( as the Courtiers ac that time look'd upon whatsoever was Denied tothem, as taken from chem ) and having receiv'd some In*

Vol. I. Part a. Tt' formation,

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