A History of Modern Indonesia since c.1200

Macmillan International Higher Education, 10.9.2008 - 512 sivua
Recognised as the most authoritative general account of Indonesia, this revised and expanded fourth edition has been updated in the light of new scholarship. New chapters at the end of the book bring the story up to the present day, including discussion of recent events such as the 2002 Bali terrorist bombings and the 2004 tsunami.

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List of Illustrations
A Note on Orthography
The Coming of Islam
General Aspects of Precolonial States and Major Empires c
Eastern Indonesia c 16301800
Western Indonesia c 16401800
Java c 164082
The Revolution 194550
Guided Democracy 195765
Creating the New Order 196575
The New Order at its Peak 197688
The Challenge Crisis and Collapse of the New Order 198998
Reforming Indonesia 19982004
Indonesia since 2004
Notes and References

Java 17921830
Java 18301900
The Outer Islands c 18001910
The Second World War and the Japanese Occupation 19425
The Emergence of the Idea of Indonesia c 190042

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M. C. RICKLEFS is a recognised leading authority on the history and current affairs of Indonesia. He is currently Professor of History at the National University of Singapore, Adjunct Professor at the Australian National University, and Honorary Professor at Monash University, Australia.

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