Martin's History of France: The Decline of the French Monarchy, Nide 2

Walker, Fuller, 1866

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Sivu 104 - These clauses, clearly understood, may be reduced to one ; that is, the total alienation of each associate with all his rights to the entire community...
Sivu 112 - There is, however, a purely civil profession of faith, the articles of which it is the duty of the sovereign to determine, not exactly as dogmas of religion, but as sentiments of sociability, without which it is impossible to be a good citizen or a faithful subject.
Sivu 68 - Inspection but an assemblage of artificial Men and factitious Passions, which are the Work of all these new Relations, and have no Foundation in Nature.
Sivu 570 - ... natural rights of the colonies, — their right of making their own laws, and disposing of their own property by representatives of their own choosing, — if such is really the case between Great Britain and her colonies, then the connection between them ought to cease ; and sooner or later it must inevitably cease.
Sivu 351 - In making this communication to the court of London, the King is firmly persuaded it will find new proofs of his Majesty's constant and sincere disposition for peace ; and that his 'Britannic Majesty, animated by the same sentiments, will equally avoid every thing that may alter their good harmony ; and that he will particularly take effectual measures to prevent the commerce between his Majesty's subjects and the United States of North America from being interrupted...
Sivu 127 - I wished," says he, speaking of the opera Alceste, "to confine music to its true province, that of seconding poetry, by strengthening the expression of the sentiments and the interest of the situations, without interrupting the action and weakening it by superfluous ornament. I thought that music ought to give that aid to poetry, which the liveliness of colouring and the happy combination of light and shade afford to a correct and well-designed picture — animating the figures without injuring their...
Sivu 375 - ... seizure of two Russian vessels carrying corn to Gibraltar, urged the minister, should be resented, and resented in a way which should enable Russia to pose as the protector of neutral rights against the world. So document, which declared that all neutral vessels might, of right, navigate freely from port to port and along the coasts of nations at war ; which laid down the principle Free Ships Free Goods, and defined contraband so as to exclude materials of naval construction, besides denouncing...
Sivu 290 - And yet it must be said that when laws of property, justice, and liberty have been established, next to nothing has been done for the most numerous class of citizens. What do your laws of property matter to us ? they may say. We have no property. Your laws of justice ? We have nothing to defend. Your laws of liberty ? If we do not work, to-morrow we shall die.
Sivu 64 - ... destroy the sources of the evil, in vain would you remove the elements of vanity, indolence and luxury, in vain would you even bring men back to that primal equality, the preserver of innocence and the source of all virtue: their hearts once spoilt will be so forever.
Sivu 63 - Luxury may be necessary to give bread to the poor ; but, if there were no luxury, there would be no poor.

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