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City Taverns


Old signs in Queen Elizabeth's time...The Crafte to

make Ipocras.

Stealing of the Crown by Colonel Blood


Sketch of Blood's Life...his disguise and plans for

stealing the Regalia...attack on Edwards the

Keeper...arrival of Young Edwards.. alarm and

seizure of the Ruffians... Blood's daring conduct,

when under examination...obtains a pardon, be-

comes a bravo, and professes quakerism. Anecdote

of the Duke of Ormond. Old Edwards buried in

the Tower.

Regalia in the Tower


Description of the Royal Crowns, Orb, Ampulla,

Curtana, St. Edward's Staff, Sceptres, Bracelets,

Spurs, and State Salt-cellar.

Clerkenwell Close.-John Weerer


Sketch of Weever's Life, and his Epitaph.

Swords worn by Footmen

Footmen forbidden, by the Earl Marshal, to wear

swords, or any other offensive weapon.

Westminster Abbey.--Monuments of Fox and Pitt 34-38

Burial vaultof the Pitt family... Singular fact respect-

ing the Earl of Chatham's Coffin...Fox and Pitt's

Monuments described...sketch of their public lives.

Civic Hare and Fo:c-Hunting:- Lord Mayor's Banquet-

ting House


Hare and Fox-Hunting in St. Mary-le-bone, and

St. Giles's... Banquetting House, at Stratford Place,
near old Tyburn, or Mary-le-bone... Annual pro-
cessions of the City Corporation to the Conduit
Heads and Banquetting House...Building of Strat-

ford Pļace.

Prynne's Retractation,a Forgery


Verbal reprint of the “Retractation,” from a copy

in the British Museum ... Arguments against its

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Blackfriars'.- Bishop Thirlby.--Shoemakers' or Cord-

wainers' Hall


Cordwainers' or Shoemakers' Hall


Description of the present Hall, and brief account of

the Cordwainers' Company.

Sanguinary P ishment of Stubbes and Page in the old

market-place at Westminster


Projected marriage between the Duke of Anjou and

Queen Elizabeth...Stubbe's “ Gaping Gulphe,”

condemned as a Libel... His sentence, petition, and

speech when upon the Scaffold, at Westminster,

where his right hand was “ smitten off," with a

butcher's cleaver and a mallet...Speech and con-

duct of Page at the same place. Cartwright, the

father of the Puritans.

The Royal Exchange, Cornhill


Origin of the Burse, or Royal Exchange...Built by

Sir Thomas Gresham, Knt....some particulars of

the ground plot...visited by Queen Elizabeth...

Will of Sir Thomas Gresham. Destruction of the

Royal Exchange in the Fire of London, and re-

building of the same from designs by Mr. Edward

Jarman...various reparations here, and descrip-

tion of, in its present state. The Gresham Lec-

tures. Donald Lupton's descriptions of the “ Ex-

changes, Old and New."

St. Paul's Church-yard.-Charles the First and his Queen 96

Death of Major Picher... Devotions of the Queen at

Paris...Behaviour of the King when at Windsor,

one month previously to his decapitation.

Great Fires in Cornhill and Bishops gate-street.- Birth-

place of Gray, the Poet


Conflagration in 1748, of nearly 200 houses, includ-

ing numerous taverns, in and near Corphill. Gray's
birth-place consumed. Destructive fre in Bishops-
gate Street.

Anecdotes of Queen Elizabeth and King James the First,

from the Nuge Antique


Earthquakes in London


Violent shocks in February and March, 1761. Pre-

dictions of Bell, a crazy Life-Guard's mau.

York-Stairs Water-Gate .


Original Gate. Inn of the Bishop of Norwich, af-

terwards York House, Villiers Street, the resi-

dence of the Lord Chancellors Egerton and Bacon,

and of the Villiers' Dukes of Buckingham. De-

scription of the Water-Gate.

Lydgate's London Lyckpenny,


Antiquity of this curious Ballad, which has been

accurately transcribed for this work from Stow's

MSS. in the British Museum. It includes the

wanderings, London, in Henry the Fifth's

reign, of a simple Kentishman, who had lost

his hood in Westminster Hall, and sees it ex-

posed for sale among other “ stolen gere” in

Cornhyll, but could obtain no redress for lack of


Manners of the Londoners


Moorfields.- Elizabeth Canning


Seizure of Elizabeth Canning under Bethlem wall

in Moorfields, and story of her imprisonment at

Enfield Wash... Mary Squires, the Gypsey, con-

demned to die, but obtains a free pardon through

the exertions of Sir Crisp Gascoyne, the Lord

Mayor-Canning's trial for perjury, and transpor-

tation to North America.

Blackfriars.- The Fatal Vespers

• 117-196

Dreadful Accident in 1623, within the dissolved

monastery of Blackfriars, occasioned by the

preaching of Father Drury, a Jesuit... Reprint of

Clark's “ Fatal Vespers," a true Narrative of the

accident, and some particulars of the interment

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of the sufferers...Short account of the same by

Dr. George.
Pimlico.- Derby Ale

Derby Ale sold in Pimlico in Queen Elizabeth's

The Gunpowder Plot.

Reality of this conspiracy...and private Letter re-

specting its discovery by Lord Harrington, of

Somerset House and Place.- The Protector Seymour.-
Strand Inn, and Chester Inn

Brief memoir of Edward Seymour, Duke of Somer-

set...resides at Somerset Place, and commences a
new and magnificent Palace there in 1547, or 1548
...Some account of the different buildings pulled
down to make room for the new structure,
namely, St. Mary's Church, Chester's Inn, or
Strand Inn, Palace of the Bishops of Lichfield and
Coventry, and Bishop of Worcester's Inn...Demo-
lition of several other buildings to supply máte-
terials, at Clerkenwell and St. Paul's... Decapita-
tion of the Duke in January 1552-53...Somerset
Place the town residence of the Princess (after-
wards Queen) Elizabeth...assigned for an habi-
tation to Lord Hunsdon, and for the reception of
Ambassadors...becomes a palace of Queen Anne,
James the First's consort, and called Denmark
House...settled on Queen Henrietta Maria, and
rendered the very focus of Catholicism... The Ca-
puchins established here expelled by order of Par-
liament in 1642 and 1643, and their vestments and
utensils directed to be burnt... Valuable paintings
and other articles here belonging to Charles the
First...List of Inns and tenements in the neigh-
bourbood appertaining to Somerset House...Oli.
ver Cromwell lies in state in the great hall...again

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