Emblems Divine and Moral: Together with Hieroglyphics of the Life of Man, Nide 1

A. Hogg, 1778 - 289 sivua

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Sivu 111 - Thou art my life, my way, my light ; in thee I live, I move, and by thy beams I see. Thou art my life ; if thou but turn away, My life's a thousand deaths: thou art my way; Without thee, LORD, I travel not, but stray. My light thou art ; without thy glorious sight, My eyes are darkened with perpetual night. My GOD, thou art my way, my life, my light.
Sivu 194 - I LOVE — and have some cause to love — the earth : She is my Maker's creature ; therefore good : She is my mother, for she gave me birth ; She is my tender nurse — she gives me food ; But what's a creature, Lord, compared with thee ? Or what's my mother or my nurse to me...
Sivu 112 - But life? And where is life but in thine eye? And yet thou turn'st away thy face, and fly'st me; And yet I sue for grace, and thou deny'st me; Speak, art thou angry, Lord, or only try'st me?
Sivu 125 - Tis vain to flee, till gentle mercy show Her better eye ; the further off we go, The swing of Justice deals the mightier blow. Th' ingenuous child, corrected, doth not fly His angry mother's hand, but clings more nigh, And quenches with his tears her flaming eye. Shadows are faithless, and the rocks are false ; No trust in brass, no trust in marble walls : Poor cots are even as safe as princes
Sivu 185 - Our firm united souls did more than twine, So I my Best-Beloved's am, so he is mine. If all those glittering monarchs that command The servile quarters of this earthly ball Should tender in exchange their shares of land, I would not change my fortunes for them all: Their wealth is but a counter to my coin; The world's but theirs, but my Beloved's mine.
Sivu 111 - Thou art my life; if thou but turn away, My life's a thousand deaths: thou art my way; Without thee, Lord, I travel not, but stray. My light thou art; without thy glorious sight, Mine eyes are dark'ned with perpetual night: My God, thou art my way, my life, my light.
Sivu 50 - We cross the seas, and midst her waves we burn, Transporting lives, perchance that ne'er return ; We sack, we ransack to the utmost sands Of native kingdoms, and of foreign lands ; We travel sea and soil, we pry, we prowl, We progress, and we prog from pole to pole ; We spend our mid-day sweat, our midnight oil, We tire the night in thought, the day in toil...
Sivu 127 - Are not my days few? cease then, and let me alone, that I may take comfort a little, Before I go whence I shall not return, even to the land of darkness, and the shadow of death, A land of darkness, as darkness itself; and of the shadow of death, without any order, and where the light is as darkness.
Sivu 196 - In having all things, and not thee, what have I? Not having thee, what have my labours got? Let me enjoy but thee, what further crave I? And having thee alone, what have I not? I wish nor sea nor land ; nor would I be Possessed of heaven, heaven unpossessed of thee.

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