A Hand-book of Newport, and Rhode Island

C. E. Hammett, jr., 1852 - 184 sivua

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Sivu 32 - Three weeks we westward bore, And when the storm was o'er, Cloud-like we saw the shore Stretching to lee-ward ; There for my lady's bower Built I the lofty tower, Which, to this very hour, Stands looking sea-ward.
Sivu 73 - And he shakes his feeble head, That it seems as if he said,
Sivu 101 - And otherwise than thus, what is herein forbidden, all men may walk as their consciences persuade them, every one in the name of his God. AND LET THE SAINTS OF THE MOST HIGH WALK IN THIS COLONY WITHOUT MOLESTATION, IN THE NAME OF JEHOVAH THEIR GOD, FOR EVER AND EVER.
Sivu 74 - But now his nose is thin, And it rests upon his chin Like a staff, And a crook is in his back, And a melancholy crack In his laugh.
Sivu 50 - I'll drop my glove to prove his love; great glory will be mine." She dropped her glove, to prove his love, then looked at him and smiled; He bowed, and in a moment leaped among the lions wild; The leap was quick, return was quick, he has regained his place, Then threw the glove, but not with love, right in the lady's face.
Sivu 81 - Deny, and resigned his fellowship He now published his Proposals for the Conversion of the American Savages to Christianity by the Establishment of a College in the Bermuda Islands.
Sivu 82 - The inhabitants are of a mixed kind, consisting of many sects and subdivisions of sects. Here are four sorts of Anabaptists, besides Presbyterians, Quakers, Independents, and many of no profession at all.
Sivu 82 - ... island is pleasantly laid out in hills, and vales, and rising grounds ; hath plenty of excellent springs and fine rivulets, and many delightful landscapes of rocks, and promontories, and adjacent lands.
Sivu 111 - Broad waterlilies lay tremulously, And starry river-buds glimmered by, And around them the soft stream did glide and dance With a motion of sweet sound and radiance.
Sivu 111 - Some open at once to the sun and the breeze, Some lost among bowers of blossoming trees, Were all paved with daisies and delicate bells, As fair as the fabulous asphodels, And flow'rets which, drooping as day drooped too, Fell into pavilions, white, purple, and blue, To roof the glow-worm from the evening dew.

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