Handbook for northern Europe, Osa 2


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Sivu 435 - Palaces and temples," says a Russian author, " monuments of art, and miracles of luxury, the remains of ages which had past away, and those which had been the creation of yesterday ; the tombs of ancestors, and the nursery-cradles of the present generation, were indiscriminately destroyed. Nothing was left of Moscow save the remembrance of the city, and the deep resolution to avenge its fall.''* The fire raged till the 19th with unabated violence, and then began to slacken for want of fuel.
Sivu 604 - ... We saw them rushing from the baggage-waggons, and falling in agonies and tears at the feet of the first soldier they met, imploring his assistance to enable them to reach the other side. The sick and the wounded, sitting on the trunks of trees, or supported by their crutches, anxiously looked around for some friend to help them.
Sivu 32 - BELL (Sir Charles). The Anatomy and Philosophy of Expression, as connected with the Fine Arts.
Sivu 425 - Kazan, Astrakhan, and Siberia, remained in the eyes of the nation as imperishable monuments of his glory. The Russians, who saw in him the illustrious author of their power and civilization, rejected or forgot the surname of tyrant given him by his contemporaries. Under the influence of some...
Sivu 19 - COMPANION; containing an Introduction to French Pronunciation ; a copious Vocabulary ; a Selection of Phrases; a Series of Conversations on Tours through France, Holland, Belgium, Germany, and Switzerland ; with a Description of the Public Buildings, Institutions, Curiosities, Manners, and Amusements, of the French Capital, &c. ; also Models of Epistolary Correspondence, and Directions to Travellers. To which are added, the Local Statistics of Paris, Tables of French and British Monies, Weights and...
Sivu 586 - Her destinies will be fulfilled. Does she think us degenerated? Are we no more the soldiers who fought at Austerlitz ? She places us between dishonour and war. Our choice cannot be difficult. Let us then march forward. Let us cross the Niemen, and carry the war into her country. This second Polish war will be as glorious for the French arms as the first has been; but the peace we shall conclude, will carry with it its own guarantee, and will terminate the fatal influence which Russia, for fifty years...
Sivu 484 - Having thus taken the aggregate of a Russian church interior, for the rest are mere repetitions of the same barbaric splendour, unsanctified by true art, we proceeded to the Academy of Arts, on the Wassili-Ostrof. This is one of those outwardly splendid piles, with ten times more space than in England would be allowed for the same object, ten times more out of repair, and ten thousand times dirtier. At the ceremony of Russian baptism the sign of the cross is made on the lips to say nothing bad, on...
Sivu 598 - Okka — and there, on a low almost inundated flat, exposed to the waters of both these rivers, lies a scene of bustle and activity unparalleled in Europe. A vast town of shops, laid out in regular streets, with churches, hospitals, barracks, and theatres, now...
Sivu 430 - why I have but two in all my dominions, and I believe I shall hang one of them the moment I get home...
Sivu 452 - ... the regular inhabitants. For example, the watchmen on the roof, placed there for different purposes, among others to keep the water in the tanks from freezing during the winter, by casting in red-hot balls, built themselves huts between the chimneys, took their wives and children there, and even kept poultry and goats, who fed on the grass of the roof ; it is said that at last some cows were introduced, but this abuse had been corrected before the Palace was burnt.

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