The Colonial Office List for ..., Nide 1889

Harrison, 1889
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Sivu 289 - That England will pay to the Porte whatever is the present excess of revenue over expenditure in the island; this excess to be calculated upon and determined by the average of the last five years...
Sivu 126 - Fantis. and the Ashantis. In the meantime, Her Majesty's Government had inclined to the policy of retiring from the coast altogether, and after the peace they actually transferred the government of the forts to the local and London merchants interested, who secured as their Governor Mr. George Maclean, a man of marked energy and capacity. This gentleman, with a force of no more than 100 men at command, and with a Government subsidy of only 4,000/.
Sivu 31 - The Governor and Company of the City of London for the Plantation of the Somers Islands...
Sivu 351 - It is ordained,. that any one who, after having received the Cross, shall again perform an act of bravery, which, if he had not received such cross, would have entitled him to it, such further act shall be recorded by a Bar attached to the riband by which the Cross is suspended, and for every additional act of bravery an additional Bar may be added.
Sivu 111 - Parts of articles ; viz. •> : Any distinct or separate part of any article not accompanied by the other part or all the other parts of such article, so as to be complete and perfect, if such article be subject to duty, according to the value thereof.
Sivu 60 - Siemens-Martin, or open-hearth process, or by the equivalent of either, or by a combination of two or more of the processes, or their equivalents, or by any fusion or other process which produces from iron or its ores a metal either granular or fibrous in structure, which is cast and malleable, excepting what is known as malleable-iron castings, shall be classed and denominated as steel.
Sivu 67 - ... before his removal to Canada, not to include machinery or articles imported for use in any manufacturing establishment, or for sale ; provided that any dutiable article entered as settlers...
Sivu 48 - The country proved to be a succession of valleys and hills, from 1.200 to 3,000 feet above sea level. The westerly portion was an open undulating grassy country, forming magnificent pasturage lands. Towards the coast it was all forest, full of valuable timber. No inhabitants were seen, but ancient Indian ruins, consisting of large stone buildings, were discovered. The soil generally was rich, but a few rugged spots were encountered.
Sivu 273 - Members received each a salary of 100/. a year, and were charged with the duty of advising the Lieut. -Governor on the conduct of affairs. This Assembly at its first meeting on the 9th of February, 1876, addressed the Queen, informing Her Majesty that it had passed a Bill providing for its own extinction, and leaving "it entirely to your Majesty's wisdom and discretion to erect such form of Government as your Majesty may deem most desirable for the welfare of the Colony.

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