The World, by Adam Fitz-Adam. [209 Nos. in 4 Vols. With a Final No. Entitled A World Extraordinary, Signed Vandyke.]., Numerot 1–104

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Sivu 602 - ... this principle, I give my vote for Mr. Johnson, to fill that great and arduous post, and I hereby declare, that I make a total surrender of all my rights and privileges in the English language, as a free-born British subject, to the said Mr. Johnson, during the term of his dictatorship. Nay more, I will not only obey him like an old Roman, as my dictator, but, like a modern Roman, I will implicitly believe in him as my pope, and hold him to be infallible while in the chair, but no longer. More...
Sivu 427 - And when it was day, certain of the Jews banded together, and bound themselves under a curse, saying that they would neither eat nor drink till they had killed Paul.
Sivu 553 - Soaker jogs on with a gentler pace indeed, but to as sure and certain destruction ; and as a proof of his intention, would, I believe, upon examination, be generally found to have a good deal of lead about him too. He cannot...
Sivu 431 - that there are many people in the world who would never have been in love if they had never heard talk of it.
Sivu 606 - ... as productive as their indignation. Should they lament in an involuntary retirement the...
Sivu 73 - ... .To Mr. FITZ-ADAM. SIR, Though you set out with a good grace in the WORLD, I cannot help thinking that a paper nowand-then upon religion might be very entertaining. I am an officer in country quarters, and as the chaplain to the regiment happens to live altogether in town, I have no opportunity of knowing any thing of that affair, but from what I hear at church. I am, &c. A.
Sivu 381 - ... to chew upon the instability of human life, or sit down to a collation of poetry, of which the hangings of his room of entertainment take up as I am told, many yards.
Sivu 387 - We now sat down at the table, and my lord having ordered the tea-water, begged the favour of me to reach out my hand to the window-seat behind me, and give him one of the books, which lay flat one upon another, the backs and leaves alternately. I did so ; and endeavouring to take the uppermost, I found that they all clung together.
Sivu 546 - Why, doctor, I find you are but a bad engineer. While you aim at your mouth you will never hit it, take my word for it. A floating battery, to hit the mark, must be pointed something above or below it. If you would hit your mouth, direct your four-pounder at your forehead, or your chin.
Sivu 376 - SITATION is looked upon generally in a very indifferent light, and oftener thought a plague than a pleafure by the receiver : it is chiefly the invention of the worthy tribe of Hearers (of whom you gave us lately fo lively a defcription) led-captains, younger brothers brought up to no bufmefs, humble coufins, &c.

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