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THIS Volume completes the FEDERAL STATUTES, ANNOTATED. It is in
three parts, first the Appendix of late laws promised in the preface in
volume one, second the Tables of Statutes, and third the General Index.

The Appendix gives all the Acts of Congress of a permanent and
general nature approved between Jan. 1, 1903, the date at which the
main compilation ceased, and Jan. 1, 1906. These acts, passed during
the course of the publication of the work, are arranged under the titles
into which the body of the work was divided. Owing to the recentness
of the statutes the annotations are necessarily few.

There are three Tables of Statutes: first Revised Statutes sections

in numerical order, second a short table of those acts which are desig-

nated by popular names, and third a chronological table of the acts,

sections, and parts of sections taken from the Statutes at Large.

Opposite each entry in these tables are given the volume and page of

FEDERAL STATUTES, ANNOTATED, where the statutory matter can be


The General Index is confined to the matter included in volumes

one to seven and in volume ten. The notes to the Constitution in
volumes eight and nine are, for convenience, separately indexed
in volume nine. The General Index covers both the statutes and the
annotations thereto. Great pains have been taken to make it complete
and yet not unwieldy. The credit for this excellent piece of work
belongs to Mr. Theodor Megaarden.

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