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Your Lordship's sentiments on this important subject have been sufficiently evinced, were it only by the part you have taken in that vast Association of British Science which is now yearly exciting so general and powerful an interest in physical pursuits, and by the zeal with which you have there upheld the religious application of true philosophy, —and asserted the revelation of God in the volume of nature as our best guide to the manifestation of Him in the pages of inspiration.

It was from such considerations, that, being engaged in a work having the same great object in view, I was naturally led to look to your Lordship's name as that which above all others would be most appropriately prefixed to it, and most powerfully assist in promoting the important end to which it is designed to be subservient.

I remain,

With the greatest esteem and respect,
My dear Lord,

Most sincerely your's,


Oxford, December 13, 1837.

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