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be as an evening sacrifice, Psalm cxli. 2. O Lord our heavenly Father, Almighty and Everlasting God, whose glory the heaven of heavens cannot contain, look down from the throne of thy Majesty, and behold thy unworthy servant, prostrate at the foot of thy mercy-seat, humbly confessing into thee the vanity and sinfulness of my wliole life, especi.

ally the omissions of my duty particular sins and commissions of sins* this and failings of day, wherein I have offend. the day.

ed thine ipfinite majesty and goodness, and so grievously wounded my own soul. Of these and all other my transgressions, I most earnestly re. pent, and am heartily sorry for these my misdoings; the remembrance of them is grievous unto me, the burden of them is intolerable: have mercy upon me, most merciful Father: for thy Son Jesus Christ's sake forgive me all that is past, and accept these my prayers and supplications, through the merits and mediation of our Mediator and Redeemer. And although I am unworthy, through my manifold sins, to offer unto thee any sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving, yet I beseech thee to accept this my bounden


duty, with my unfeigned thanks for all thy goodness and loving-kind- y

*Here name ness to me and all mankind*, particular purely proceeding from thy blessings and bounty, and wholly intended for my good, and particularly for prea serving me this day in the inidst of so many dangers incident to my condition, and from so many calamities as are due to my sins. Thou art my Creator, O my God; thou art my protector; thou art the ultimate end of my being, and supreme perfection of my nature; under the shadow of thy wings is perpetual re. pose, and from the light of thy counte, nance flow eternal joy and felicity. To thee be glory and honour, world with, out end.

And thou, O Lord, by whom Kings reign, and Princes decree Justice, bless our sovereign King George, , the Queen, the Prince and Princess of Wales and all the Royal Family: all my rela. tions, friends, and kind bene- + factors f. Let thy providence particular succour them and theirs from persons. all evil and danger, and do thou reward them for all the good they have done or said of me. Be pleased, likewise, o

+ Here name

Lord (in whose hands are the issues of life and death), to succour and comfort all that are in danger, necessity, and tribulation, all that labour under any bo

1. dily pain, sickness, or temp* Especially those for whom tation *, or are disturbed in prayers are mind; relieve such according desired.

to their several necessities, giving them patience under their sufferings, and a happy issue out of all their afflictions. Subdue in me the evil spirit of wrath and revenge, and dispose my heart patiently to bear reproaches and wrongs, and to be ready not only to forgive, but also to do good for evils that all men may know that I am Christ's disciple. And finally, O Lord, since thou hast ordained the day to labour in, and the night to take our rest, as I praise thee for the mercies of the dav, so I humbly beg the continuance of thy gracious protection over me this night. Let thy holy angels pitch their tents about my bed, that being safely delivered from all perils of this night, and comfortably refreshed with moderate sleep, I may be enabled to discharge the duties of my calling, and faithtully to persevere in holiness of living, all the

days of my life, to thy honour and glory, through our only Mediator and Advocate, Jesus Christ our Lord, in whose holy form of words I address thee as Our Father, &c.

The Blessing,

THE peace of God, which passeth all understanding, keep my heart and mind in the knowledge and love of God, and of his son Jesus Christour Lord; and the blessing of God Almighty, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, he with me now, and at the hour of my death, Amen.. : When you lie down in your Bed. ",

I WILL lay me down in peace, and take my rest, for it is thou, Lord, only, that makest me dwell in safety ; and into thy hands 1 commend my soul and my body, for thou hast redeemed me, O Lord, thou everlasting God of Truth, ... · Have mercy upon me, O Lord, now, and at the hour of death. Amen.

The following Meditations and Prayers are extracted from BishoP ANDREWS.





LAVING passed over the day, Irender hearty thanks to thee, my God, for thy good providence. The evening now draws on, make thou it comfortable.

But, as each day has its evening, so likewise hath human life. Life's evening is old age; make thou this all comfortable.

O cast me not away in the time of age; neither forsake me when my strength faileth me. Even to hoary hairs do thou carry me. Thou hast made and hast sustained me hitherto, continue still to support and deliver me.

Abide with me, my Jesus, for the time is far spent; yea, the shadows of the evening are stretched out, and the day is declining upon me.

Let thy strength, now especially, be made perfect in my weakness: for, as

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