The Book of Shells: Containing the Classes Mollusca, Conchifera, Cirrhipeda, Annulata, and Crustacea

John W. Parker, West Strand, 1837 - 150 sivua

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Sivu 93 - The little Bill like that of a Goose, the Eyes marked, the Head, Neck, Breast, Wings, Tail, and Feet formed, the Feathers every where perfectly shap'd, and blackish coloured ; and the Feet like those of other Waterfowl, to my best remembrance.
Sivu 39 - The sovereign bids him peaceful sounds inspire, And give the waves the signal to retire. His writhen shell he takes ; whose narrow vent Grows by degrees into a large extent; [sound, Then gives it breath; the blast, with doubling Runs the wide circuit of the world around.
Sivu 74 - ... suspending the stone, and instantly descends : the remainder of the rope fixed to the basket is thrown into the water after him at the same moment: the rope attached to the stone is in such a position as to follow him of itself. As soon as he touches the bottom, he...
Sivu 93 - Of a kind of Filmy substance, round, and hollow, and creassed, not unlike the "Wind-pipe of a Chicken; spreading out broadest where it is fastened to the Tree, from which it seems to draw and convey the matter which serves for the growth and vegetation of the Shell and the little Bird within it.
Sivu 24 - ... sent for the purpose of ascertaining the nature of the floating object. " On approaching near, it was observed to be the shellfish commonly known by the name of the Pearly Nautilus ; it was captured and brought on board, but the shell was shattered from having been struck with the boathook in taking it, as the animal was sinking when the boat approached, and had it not been so damaged, it would have escaped. I extracted the fish in a perfect state, which was firmly attached to each side of the...
Sivu 24 - Ocean, that something was seen floating on the surface of the water at some distance from the ship; to many it appeared like a small dead tortoise-shell cat, which would have been such an unusual object to be seen in this part of the world, that the boat which was alongside the ship at the time was sent for the purpose of ascertaining the nature of the floating object. On approaching near it was observed to be the shell-fish commonly known by the name of the Pearly Nautilus...

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