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We demand that every citizen of the United States shall be allowed to. cast one free and unrestricted ballot in all public elections, and that such ballot shall be counted and returned as cast: that such laws shall be enacted and enforced as will secure to every citizen, be he rich or poor, native or foreign born, white or black, this sovereign right, guaranteed by the Constitution; the free and honest popular ballot, the just and equal representation of all the people, as well as the just and equal protection under the laws as the foundation of our Republican institutions, and the party will never relax its efforts until the integrity of the ballot and the purity of elections shall be fully guaranteed and protected in every State.


We denounce the continued inhuman outrages perpetrated on American citizens for political reasons in certain States of the Union.


We favor the extension of our foreign commerce, the restoration of our mercantile marine by home-built ships and the construction of a navy for the protection of our national interests and the honor of our flag; the maintenance of the most friendly relations with foreign powers, entangling alliances with none and the protection of the rights of our fishermen. We reaffirm our approval of the Monroe doctrine, and believe in the achievement of the manifest destiny of the Republic in its broadest sense. We favor the enactment of more stringent laws and regulations for the restriction of criminals, pauper and contract immigration.


We favor efficient legislation by Congress to protect the life and limbs of employés of the railroad companies engaged in carrying interstate commerce, and recommend legislation by the respective States that will protect employés engaged in interstate commerce, and in mining and manufacturing.

The Republican party has always been the champion of the oppressed, and recognizes the dignity of manhood irrespective of faith, color or nationality. It sympathizes with the cause of home rule in Ireland, and protests against the persecution of the Jews in Russia. The ultimate reliance of free popular government is the intelligence of the people, and the maintenance of freedom among men.

We declare anew our devotion to liberty of thought and conscience, of speech and press, and approve all agencies and instrumentalities which contribute to the education of the children of the land, but while insisting upon the fullest measure of religious liberty, we are opposed to any union of church and state.

We reaffirm our opposition, declared in the Republican platform of 1888, to all combinations of capital organized to control arbitrarily the condition of trade among our citizens. We heartily indorse the action taken on this issue, and ask for such further legislation as may be required to remedy any defects in existing laws, and to render their enforcement more complete and effective.

We approve the policy of extending to towns and rural communities the advantages of the free delivery service, now enjoyed by the large cities of the country, and reaffirm the declaration contained in the Republican plat

form of 1888, pledging the reduction of letter postage to one cent at the earliest possible moment.


We commend the spirit and evidence of reform in the civil service, and the wise and consistent enforcement by the Republican party of the laws relating to the same.


The construction of the Nicaragua Canal is of the highest importance to the American people, both as a measure of national defense, and to build up and maintain American commerce, and it should be controlled by the Government of the United States.


We favor the admission of the remaining Territories at the earliest possible moment, having due regard to the interests of the people of the Territories and of the United States. All the Federal officeholders appointed in the Territories should be selected from the residents thereof, and the right of self-government should be accorded as far as possible


We favor the cession, subject to the homestead laws, of the arid public lands to the States and Territories in which they lie, under such Congressional restrictions as to disposition, reclamation, and occupancy by settlers as will secure the maximum benefits to the people.


The World's Columbian Exposition is a great national undertaking, and Congress should promptly enact such reasonable legislation in aid thereof as will insure a discharge of the expense and obligations incident thereto, and the attainment of results commensurate with the dignity and progress of the nation.


We sympathize with all wise and legitimate efforts to lessen and prevent the evils of intemperance and promote morality.


Ever mindful of the service and sacrifices of the men who saved the life of the nation, we pledge anew to the veteran soldiers of the republic a watchful care and recognition of their just claims upon a grateful people.


We commend the able, patriotic and thoroughly American administration of President Harrison. Under it the country has enjoyed remarkable prosperity, and the dignity and honor of the nation at home and abroad have been faithfully maintained, and we offer the record of pledges kept as a guarantee of faithful performance in the future.

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