George Riddle's Readings

W.H. Baker and Company, 1888 - 197 sivua

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Sivu 173 - The cataract strong Then plunges along, Striking and raging As if a war waging Its caverns and rocks among; Rising and leaping, Sinking and creeping, Swelling and sweeping, Showering and springing, Flying and flinging, Writhing and wringing, Eddying and whisking, Spouting and frisking, Turning and twisting Around and around With endless rebound: Smiting and fighting, A sight to delight in; Confounding, astounding, Dizzying and deafening the ear with its sound.
Sivu 192 - My plans That soar, to earth may fall. Let once my army-leader Lannes Waver at yonder wall " — Out 'twixt the battery-smokes there flew A rider, bound on bound Full-galloping ; nor bridle drew Until he reached the mound.
Sivu 176 - All at once and all o'er, with a mighty uproar, And this way the water comes down at Lodore.
Sivu 150 - Of lonely folk cut off unseen, And hid in sudden graves; Of horrid stabs in groves forlorn, And murders done in caves; And how the sprites of injured men Shriek upward from the sod...
Sivu 175 - And falling and brawling and sprawling, And driving and riving and striving, And sprinkling and twinkling and wrinkling, And sounding...
Sivu 151 - One that had never done me wrong, A feeble man and old: I led him to a lonely field; The moon shone clear and cold: Now here, said I, this man shall die, And I will have his gold!
Sivu 177 - There are gains for all our losses, There are balms for all our pain ; But when youth, the dream, departs, It takes something from our hearts, And it never comes again.
Sivu 154 - And still no peace for the restless clay, Will wave or mould allow ; The horrid thing pursues my soul, — It stands before me now ! " The fearful Boy look'd up, and saw Huge drops upon his brow.
Sivu 149 - Then leaping on his feet upright, Some moody turns he took, — Now up the mead, then down the mead, And past a shady nook, — And, lo! he saw a little boy That pored upon a book.
Sivu 174 - And hitting and splitting, And shining and twining, And rattling and battling, And shaking and quaking, And pouring and roaring, And waving and raving...

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