Sivut kuvina

Mrs Parish, the lady of John Parish, Esq. merchant, of Hamburgh.

Jan. 1. At London, Sir Henry Strachey, Bart. Master of the King's Household.

1. At Langside, near Dalkeith, John Alves, Esq. late Chamberlain to his Grace the Duke of Buccleuch,

1. At Edinburgh, Mrs Margaret Watson, relict of Colonel Alexander Ross of Balsarroch.

2. At London, Mr John Reeves, banker, stocks. of Lombard Street.

2. At his son's house at Turnham-green, aged 84, Robert Campbell, Esq.

2. At Kirkcarswell, James Brown, Esq. of Linkins, near Kirkcudbright, aged 65 years.

3. At Edinburgh, Jane, daughter of Mr Stewart Cheyne, bookseller, George Street.

5. At Kirrymuir, aged 82 years, Mrs Janet Watson, widow of Peter Fenton, some time tenant in Culhawk. She has left 16 grand children, and 17 great grand chil


s At Kelso, Mr 1 homas Robertson, agej 78.

4 At Limefield, Thomas Gloag of Chapelton, Esq. writer to the signet, and Joint Collector of Cess for the County of Edinburgh.

5. At London, James Richard Dacres, Esq. Vice Admiral of the White,

5. At Stirling, Mr James Syme, manu. facturer there.

5. At Aberdeen, Miss Hay of Ranieston, at an advanced age.

5. At Edinburgh, Mrs Cheape of Kippo, widow of the late James Cheape, Esq. of Wellfield.

5. At Stirling, James George Thomson, eldest son of Mr John Thomson, one of the Magistrates of Stirling.

5 At, Mr John Knox, late of New Providence, Bahama.

6. At Kirkmichael Manse, Perthshire, Allan, son of the Rev. Allan Stewart.

6. At Edinburgh, Mrs Agnes Fisher, daughter of the late Daniel Fisher, Esq. Worship Square, London, and spouse of Mr Neil Stewart, merchant, Edinburgh.

bell, A. M. minister of the Associate Burgher Congregation there, in the 28th year of his age, and 4th of his ministry.

7. At Edinburgh, Mrs Mary Borthwick, spouse of Mr John Johnston, writer.

7. At Kibarchan, Mrs Eleanora Ratcliffe, spouse of Mr John How, surgeon there.

7. At Kirkcaldy, after a few days illness, Miss Agnes Kenip, daughter of the late Rev. John Kemp, D. D. one of the ministers of Edinburgh.

7. At Edinburgh, Mr William Laidlaw, teacher of Mathematics, of whom it may, with truth, be said, that few men have been more useful in life, or more highly esteemed and respected by persons of all ranks; and few whose loss will be more generally felt, or more sincerely and justly regretted.

7. A: Dunfermline, the Rev. John Camp

7. Mrs Margaret Macqueen, wife of the Rev. Robert Moore, minister of Oldham

8. At Linlithgow, Allan Clark of Woodside Esq; writer to the signet.

8. At Kinloch Rannoch, Robert Robertson, Esq. of Auchleeks, justly regretted.

9. At Stirling, in the 53d year of his age, William Telford, Esq. Cashier to the Stirling Banking Company. With entire and uniform satisfaction to the Company, he acted in this situation for upwards of twen ty-one years.

9. At Glasgow, Mrs Agnes Fogo, relict of the Rev. James Gray, minister of Strath, blane.

10. At Oban, Mr John MacCallum, sen. merchant, much regretted.

11. At Harcarse, Patrick Smith, Esq. of Reedyloch, late Captain of the 2d regiment of dragoons.

11. At Paisley, Mrs Janet Orr, spouse of Mr John Bell, sen. merchant there.

11. At Huntly, William Forsyth, Esq. in the 89th year of his age.

12. At Fort Cumberland, near Ports mouth, Mr William Menzies, Assistant-' surgeon of the Inverness militia, son of the Rev. Archibald Menzies, minister of Dull, Perthshire.

12. Gilbert Grierson, Esq. of Marwhirn 13. At Edinburgh, Mrs Harriman, widow of the late Joseph Harriman, Esq. of Whitehaven, and mother-in-law of Dr Jas. Hamilton jun. physician.

14. At Glasgow, Allan Bogle, Esq. 15. At London, suddenly, Mr Wilde, of Covent Garden Theatre.

16. At Humbie, Jessie, youngest daughter of Alexander Dudgeon, Esq.

16. At London, Andrew Robinson Stoney Bowes, Esq. who formerly acquired considerable notoriety by his conduct towards Lady Strathmore, whom he married about 26 years ago. He was, however, very early separated from her Ladyship, and involved in considerable law-suits; one of the consequences of which was, his committal to and detention in the King's Bench prison. In this place Mr Bowes formed a connection with a very young and interesting female, the daughter of a fellow prisoner, by whom he had five children. Mr Bowes was, for many years, allowed the freedom of the rules of the King's Bench,

within which the house he died in was situated.

Jan. 17. At Sidmouth, John Douglas, Esq. of Mains, Lieut.-Col. of the Stirling shire militia.

18. At London, George Monro, Esq. eldest son of the late Doctor George Monro, some time his Majesty's physician at Mi


18. At London, Mr Lyon Levi, a diamond merchant, about 50 years of he age; precipitated himself from the top of the Monument, and was literally dashed to pieces. Mr Levi attended to several appointments in the city about eleven o'clock, and transacted his usual business; and at twelve obtained admission to view the Monument. He walked several times round the outside of the iron-railing before he sprung off, and in falling, the body turned over and over before it reached the ground. When near the bottom, it came in contact with one of the griffins which urnament the lower part of the building. A porter, with a load on his back, narrowly escaped the body of the deceased, which fell a few paces from him in Monument yard It is said that, two days before, Mr Levi visited the Monument, and continued at the top for some time. Nothing has transpired from which the friends of the deceased can judge of the cause which led to the fatal catastrophe. Mr Levi has left a wife and eight grown up children.

18. At his house, Burrowmuir-head, Mr James Howden, sen. late watchmaker 10 Edinburgh.

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20. At Edinburgh, aged 88, Mr John Hunter, brewer.

22. At Edinburgh, Miss Helen Duff, daughter of R. W. Duff, Esq. of Fetteresso.

25. At Edinburgh, Mr William Pearson, merchant there.

Lately, at Bath, James Douglas Richardson, Esq. late of Bombay.

Lately, at Turriff, Ann Allardice, at the advanced age of 100.

- At London, aged 90, Caleb Whiteford, Esq. uncle of the late Sir John Whiteford, Bart. He was well known in the first polite and literary circles, and possessed great talents and information. Mr Whiteford was the author of many works of approved merit, though he never put his name to any of his productions. He struck out a new species of humour, which was known by the name of Cross Readings, and when he first communicated it to the Public, he added the apt signature of Pupyrius Cursor. Upon the whole, he was a man of distinguished talents, a zealous friend to his country, a loyal subject, and a very respectable member of society. His friend Goldsmith winds up his character in Retaliation, with the following appropriate

lines :

Merry Whiteford, farewell! for thy sake 1 admit,

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Edinburgh Literary Miscellany


With a View of the Town of DUNFERMLINE.




Register of the Weather for March, 162
High Water at Leith for April,.. ib..
Description of Dunfermline,
A Tour from Arbroath to Montrose,
principally with a view to its re-
mote Antiquities,
Monthly Memoranda in Natural His-


Prooceedings of the Wernerian Na. tural History Society,..

Memoirs of the Progress of Manufactures, Chemistry, Scieuce, and the Fine Arts,


Memoirs of the late General Melville, 169
Report to the King's Majesty, by

the Commissioners for inquiring
into the Administration of Justice
in Scotland, ..
Description of the Present State of
Gibraltar, and of its Fortifications, 177
Memoirs of Dr James Anderson, late
Physician Genera), Madras, . .
Memoranda of an Earthquake at the
Cape of Good Hope, Dec. 4. 1809, 181
The Force of Genius, or the Adven-


tures of a Player, The Observer. No. II,.


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Scarce Books and Tracts.

Free Thoughts on the Toleration of


-Curious Narrative of the Assassi nation of Henry III, by Clement, 194



I.Morebead's Discourses on the Prin-
ciples of Religious Belief,
II. The Monk and the Vine-dresser;
a Moral Tale. By a Lady,

184 167


III. Town Fashions; or Modern
Manners delineated, a Satyrical
Dialogue; with James and Mary,
a Rural Tale,


Song "I have felt all the Pleasures of Hope," &c.

New Works published in Edinburgh, 205
Scottish Literary Intelligence, ib.
Literary Intelligence, English and


Song. "The Grave of Burns,"
The Seasons,.

Song.-Air,-Logan Water,
The Dying Miser to his Gold,
The Tear,



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House of Lords,
House of Commons,


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France-Legislative Body, Dec. 12. 224
-Imperial Treaty of Marriage,., 226
Italy.-Roman States,


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207 ib.



ib. ib.

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209 210








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High Water at LEITH. For APRIL.

Morn. Even.

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H. M.

0 38

1 24

2 6

2 43

3 18

3 54

4 26

5 2

5 40

6 23

7 17


9 49

10 55

11 49

0 13


1 39

2 20


3 42

4 26

5 14

6 6

7 9

8 20

9.36 10 47

11 45

0 12


For APRIL. Apparent time at Edinburge.


H. M.

New Moon, 4. 1. 27. morn First Quart. 11. 10. 20. even. Full Moon, 19. 2. 54. afters. Last Quart. 27, 8. 37. morn.

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