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31. At Alderston, the Lady of Robert Stuart, Esq. a daughter.


At Cabo, island of Goa, East Indies, Lieut. Patrick Strachan, 1st battalion 78th regiment. The cause of his death was a severe wound at the capture of the Cape of Good Hope.

Lieut. Patrick Heron Newall, of the MadApril 27. At Poonamalee, near Madras, ras European regiment, youngest son of the late John Newall of Barskeoch, Esq.

May 11. In the Poonah district, East Indies, Colonel William Wallace, of his Majesty's 80th regiment of foot, commanding the subsidiary force of British troops sta tioned with his Highness the Peshwa.Col. Wallace was son of the late William Wallace, Esq. of Cairnhill, in the county of Ayr, and brother of Thomas Wallace, Esq. now of Cairnhill. The following general orders, published by the Right Hon. the Governor General in Council, will best evince the high estimation in which this gallant and meritorious officer was held by the Supreme Government of India :—

"Fort William, June 3d. 1809. "The Right Hon, the Governor in Council, has received, with sentiments of extreme regret, the melancholy intelligence of the decease of Colonel William Wallace, of his Majesty's 80th regiment of foot, lately commanding the subsidiary force of British troops stationed with his Highness the Peshwa. The eminent character, professional abilities, and important services of the late Colonel Wallace, have long been considered, by the Governor-General in Council, to place him in the rank of those distinguished officers, whose virtues, talents, and exertions, have engaged the respect and esteem of the British Government in India, and the tribute of merited applause which public justice pays to the memory of Colonel Wallace, is necessarily combined with a deep sense of the loss his Majesty's and the Honourable Company's service have sustained by the death of this valued and lamented officer."

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Gordon of the 8th West India regiment, nephew of Colonel Gordon, Military Secretary to the Earl of Harrington.

Oct. 25. At Nassau, New Providence, George Leitch, Esq.

Nov. 10. At the island of Madeira, Miss Janet Finlay of Wallyford.

14. At Lansdowne House, London, in the 44th year of his age, the most noble John William Petty, Marquis of Lansdowne, Earl Shelburne and Wycombe, Viscount Calne, and Baron Wycombe. His Lordship had suffered much for seve ral years from a complaint in the liver, which at length produced his death. His Lordship married some years ago Lady Gifford, but has left no issue. His titles and estates therefore devolve to his only brother, Lord Henry Petty, now Marquis of Lansdowne.

19. At Newark-upon-Trent, John Lambe, Esq. of that place, aged 96 years.

25. At Gibraltar, John, the infant son of Lieut. Col. George Molle, of the 9th regiment of foot.

26. At Flushing, in Cornwall, where she had gone for the recovery of her health, the Lady of Sir John Stuart, Bart. of AlJanbank, daughter of the late James Coutts, Esq. and niece to Thomas Coutts, Esq. banker in London, The many virtues which distinguished her pious and exemplary life, prepared her to meet, with perfect resiguation, that awful hour, which has left a mournful blank in the circle of her rela tives, and has occasioned the deepest and most sincere regret to her friends.

26. At London, George Horsbrugh, Esq. of Winchester Street, son of the late John Horsbrugh, Esq. Sheriff-clerk of Fife.

Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Brownrigg, Deputy Adjutant-General to the Forces in the island of Ceylon.

At Plymouth Dock Artillery Barracks, Miss Stevens, daughter of General Stevens of the Artillery.

At Swansea, Robert Hamilton, Esq. son of the Rev. Dr Hamilton of Bath.

Lately, At Pentonville in the 29th year of his age, Mr Arthur Macarthur, late pursur of the Elphinstone East Indiaman.

At Berwick, Mr Richard Todd, many years wharfinger to the Old Shipping Company of that place, aged 79.

At Kells Manse, aged 59, Mrs Dorothea M'Ewan, relict of the Rev. John Gillespie, minister of Kells.

Dec. 1. At Inverness, George Monro, third son of William Monro, Esq. of Achany, a most promising youth.

2. At Avoch House, aged 55, George M Kenzie, Esq of Avoch, and of Towerhill, London.

4. At the Grey Friar's, near Elgin, Jo

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age, Mrs Margaret Allan, relict of Richard Hair, Esq. of Grange, Roxburgshire.

14. At Liverpool, Mr J. Cross, acting manager of the present theatrical estab lishment in Manchester.

14 At Heavy Tree, near Exeter, Mr James Adam, eldest son of the late Dr Adam, rector of the High School, Edinburgh.

16. At Hospitalfield, John Fraser, Esq. of Kirkton..

17. At Dawlish, Devonshire, Mrs Mary Burgoyne Jackson, spouse of Lieut.-Col. James Brunton, of the Hon. East India Company's service.

17. At Mause of Jedburgh, Mrs Somerville, wife of the Rev. Dr Somerville.

17. At Glasgow, Mr William Russell, merchant.

18. At Edinburgh, aged 69, Dr Alex, Adam, the venerable Rector of the High School, who has filled that important sta tion with so much ability and celebrity for 43 years. The public fuueral of Dr Adam took place on Friday, Dec. 29. The interment was in the Chapel of Ease of St. Cuthbert's; and every mark of public estimation, respect, and regret, was bestowed. The masters and boys of the School, about 600 in number, walking in regular procession, preceded the corpse from the Schoolhouse. The Magistrates and Council, in their state dress, followed it. The Principal and Professors of the University, in their gowns, came next; and then above seven hundred gentlemen, of the principal inhabitants, far the greater part of whom had been Dr Adam's pupils, closed the scene. Among these, heads of the Supreme Courts, Judges, and Ministers of Edinburgh, were observed; and the members of a Society of young gentlemen, chiefly of the bar, who had lately present-ed the High School with a portrait, by Mr Raeburn, of their honoured master, and who attended in a body, were particularly remarkable. When the procession reached the Church-yard, the boys formed into two lines, standing uncovered, and shewed, in their countenances and deportment, that the mark of respect was strongly felt which they were now paying, for the last time, to the venerated remains which passed before them.

18. At Amisfield mains, Mr Wm. Brodie, farmer, formerly of Upper Keith, aged 70. 18. At Fountainbridge, George Aber. cromby, aged 86.

20. At London, aged 70, Mr Joseph Johnson, bookseller.

20. At Edinburgh, Mrs Margaret Murray, daughter of John Murray, Esq. Phil. phaugh.

21. At Greenock, Gabriel Lang, Esq. of Overton,

22. At Closeburn Cottage, Mr Gilbert Gibson of Glencrosh.

-. Tiberius Cavallo, Esq. author of se→ veral works of merit on electricity, &c:

23 At Woolwich, Dr John Rollo, Surgeon-General to the royal artillery.

23. At Perth, Margaret, wife of Alex. Macglashan, Esq. late of Calcutta.

23. At Edinburgh, Mr William Gray, surgeon in the royal navy.

23. At Edin. Miss Bannatine, daughter of the late Rev. George Bannatine, one of the ministers of Glasgow.

23. At Edinburgh, Mr. James Lyle, printer, much regretted,

24. At Boghall, near Ayr, Maxwell Gordon, Esq writer to the signet.

24. At Edinburgh, Patrick Anderson, Esq. writer to the signet.

24. At Edinburgh, Mr Mathew Martin, brass-founder, and Deacon of the Incorporation of Hanımermen.

25. At Hull, aged 40, Major-General Hewgill, Commander of the troops in the garrison at that place.

25. At Kirkcaldy, Mrs Isabel Robert-wife of Mr. John Duncan, jun. manufacturer there, aged 31.


26. At London, Nathaniel Newnham, Esq. of Mansion-house Street, banker, the leading partner in the firm of Newnham, Everitt, & Co. He was also an Alderman, and Colonel of one of the city regi ments of militia.

26. At Leckie, in her 21st year, Miss Jane Stewart Graham, youngest daughter of Robert Moir, Esq. of Leckie.

26. At Edinburgh, William Murray, Esq. (Lintrose) Commander of one of his Majesty's Excise yachts.

27. At Edinburgh, Eliza, the infant daughter of Alexander Donaldson, Esq.

28. At his seat, Faulkhorn Hall, near Witham, John Bullock, Esq. M. P. for the county of Essex.

29. Dr Colin Dallas, late of the island of St. Vincent's.

29. At Ormistoun, in the 94th year of her age, the Hon. Helen Murray, fifth daughter of the deceased Alexander Lord Elibank, and widow of Sir John Stewart of Grandtully, Bart.

At London, Sir William Bensley, Bart. one of the Directors of the East India Company.

Lately, at Frasersburgh, Mr William Paton, a man who feared God, and honoured the King, at the advanced age of 84, 58 of which he lived in the marriage state with his now widow, aged upwards of 80. Mr Paton was formerly tenant, for forty years.

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his princely fortune enabled him to give ample scope to the display of his excellent qualities, and to evince himself at once a generous friend, and a most valuable member of society. The loss which his numerous friends and relatives have sustained by his death is undoubtedly great, and will be long and deeply regretted; nor will the blank which has been created in the community, in consequence of that afflicting event, be less severely felt and deplored. As an active, public-spirited man, and promoter of improvements of every kind, he was eminently distinguished among his contemporaries, and has probably left few equals behind him. His sudden and unexpected death, indeed, has spread a degree of gloom over the country, which we scarcely remember to have witnessed upon any similar occasion. He is succeeded in his extensive estates by an infant son.

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Milo, and The Vindication of Bruce against Lord Valentia," will appear


in our next.

We have received pieces of R. G., several of which we will take an early opportunity of inserting. We would only remark, that with the genius of this author there is still mixed an occasional incorrectness, which we should be glad to see removed.

J. MD., J. L., Asiris, will probably appear in our next, or an early Number.

Besides Glotianus, we are indebted to several other correspondents for the communication of epitaphs, some of which we intend to select.


Edinburgh Literary Miscellany


With a View of KELSO from MAXWELL HEUGA.

Register of the Weather for Feb.
High Water at Leith for March,
Description of the View,
Monthly Memoranda in Natural His-

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• ..

Preface to the Second volume of Mr
Chalmers's Caledonia,
Memoirs of the Progress of Manu-
factures, Chemistry, Science, and
the Fine Arts,

A Tour from Arbroath to Montrose,
principally with a view to its re-
mote Antiquities,
A Vindication of Bruce,




Memoirs of the late General Melville, 97
Critical Analysis of Miss Baillie's
Play of the Family Legend, .. 103
On the Design of Michael Angelo and


Plan for the Introduction of Mr Lancaster's System of Education into Scotland,.





82 Literary Intelligence, English and ib. Foreign,



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Anecdote of Charles the Second,
Abstract of Trees planted by the
Right Hon, Francis Stewart, Earl
of Moray, from 1767 to 1807, . . 116


Ecarce Books and Tracts. Extracts from Historical Account of the Blue Blanket, ...... sig


Edmonston's View of the Ancient and
Present State of the Zetland Islands, 118

New Works published in Edinburgh, 124
Scottish Literary Intelligence,


Epilogue to the Family Legend, 126
Ode, recited by the President of the
Burns' Anniversary Society,.
Ode to Fancy,
Verses to a young Lady,
Verses on the Jubilee,


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ib. Stocks and Markets


Dreadful Accident at Liverpool,

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West Indies,-Sweden,

Letter from Louis XVIII. to Gusta-
vus IV.

Capture of the Isle of Bourbon,
Naval Intelligence,

High Court of Justiciary,
County Election,.
Dreadful Accident at Kilmarnock,
Civil Appointments,

Marriages, ..

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-Capture of a French Frigate,
-Destruction of two French Fri-

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