Studies in the Psychology of Sex, Nide 1


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Sivu 32 - Uzelle, pek, uzelle," which is nothing but " charming, very charming." The first sofas were covered with cushions and rich carpets, on which sat the ladies ; and on the second their slaves behind them, — but without any distinction of rank by their dress, all being in the state of nature ; that is, in plain English, stark naked, without any beauty or defect concealed. Yet there was not the least wanton smile or immodest gesture amongst them. They walked and moved with the same majestic grace which...
Sivu 31 - told me in great earnestness that he, coming to the house of Ocane, a great lord among them, was met at the door with sixteen women, all naked, excepting their loose mantles; whereof eight or ten were very fair, and two seemed very nymphs, with which strange sight, his eyes being dazzled, they led him into the house, and then sitting down by the fire with crossed legs, like tailors, and so low as could not but offend chaste eyes, desired him to sit down with them. Soon after...
Sivu 185 - The woman also with whom man shall lie with seed of copulation, they shall both bathe themselves in water, and be unclean until the even.
Sivu 278 - ... is supposed to exert. She by no means acts only by paralyzing social activities and destroying the powers of life, by causing flowers to fade, fruit to fall from the trees, grains to lose their germinative power, and grafts to die. She is not accurately summed up in the old lines: — "Oh! menstruating woman, thou'rt a fiend From whom all nature should be closely screened.
Sivu 32 - The nude is so general in the work of the ancients, that it will be very difficult to avoid the introduction of naked figures. On the other hand, it is absolutely necessary to do so, or to keep the pieces for our own use; for none, either male or female, of the present generation will take or apply them as furniture if the figures are naked.
Sivu 158 - auto-erotism" I mean the phenomena of spontaneous sexual emotion generated in the absence of an external stimulus proceeding, directly or indirectly, from another person.
Sivu 166 - It may be noticed that among non-European races it is among women, and especially among those who are subjected to the excitement of a life professionally devoted to some form of pleasure, that the use of the artificial instruments of auto-erotism is chiefly practiced. The same is markedly true in Europe. The use of an artificial penis in solitary sexual gratification may be traced down from classic times, and doubtless prevailed in the very earliest human civilization...
Sivu 207 - Wherefore also in men the organ of generation becoming rebellious and masterful, like an animal disobedient to reason, and maddened with the sting of lust, seeks to gain absolute sway...
Sivu vii - And now that the problem of religion has practically been settled, and that the problem of labour has at least been placed on a practical foundation, the question of sex — with the racial questions that rest on it — stands before the coming generations as the chief problem for solution. Sex lies at the root of life, and we can never learn to reverence life until we know how to understand sex.
Sivu 110 - July, 1882), he records the case of "an insane gentleman, aged 49, who, for the past twenty-six years, has been subject to the most regularly occurring brain-exaltation every four weeks almost to a day. It sometimes passes off without becoming acutely maniacal or even showing itself in outward acts; at other times it becomes so, and lasts for periods of from one to four weeks. It is always preceded by an uncomfortable feeling in the head and pain in the back, mental hebetude, and slight depression.

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