The Port-Royal Logic

J. Gordon, 1861 - 430 sivua

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Sivu 385 - ... wounded the butcher in the leg. "Mark," quoth Cornelius, "how the fellow runs through the predicaments. Men...
Sivu 432 - WATTS' Scripture History, with Notice by Dr Tweedie 2 0 WHITE'S History of England for Junior Classes 1 6 History of Scotland for Junior Classes 1 6 History of Scotland for Senior Classes 3 6 History of Great Britain and Ireland, with an Account of the Present State and Resources of the United Kingdom and its Colonies.
Sivu 3 - After seeing what a number arc infatuated with the follies of judicial astrology, and that even grave persons treat this subject seriously, we need not be surprised at anything more.
Sivu 118 - Beatus ille, qui procul negotiis, Ut prisca gens mortalium, Paterna rura bobus exercet suis...
Sivu 119 - Ille ego qui quondam gracili modulatus avena Carmen, et egressus silvis vicina coegi Ut quamvis avido parerent arva colono, Gratum opus agricolis; at nunc horrentia Martis Arma virumque cano.
Sivu 426 - When everything which enters into a distinct notion is distinctly known, or when the last analysis is reached, the knowledge is adequate, of which I scarcely know whether a perfect example can be offered — the knowledge of numbers, however, approaches near to it.
Sivu 5 - This is the source of Pyrrhonism (or scepticism) another extravagance of the human mind. * * * True reason places all things in the rank which belongs to them ; it questions those which are doubtful, rejects those which are false, and acknowledges in good faith, those which are evident, without being embarrassed by the vain reasons of the Pyrrhonists, which never could, even in the minds of those who proposed them, destroy the reasonable assurance we have of many things. None ever seriously doubted...
Sivu 434 - New French Dialogues 2 0 French Manual and Traveller's Companion 3 6 French Reading Instructor, reduced to 2 6 French and English Dictionary, without Pronunciation.

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