The Malay Archipelago: The Land of the Orang-utan and the Bird of Paradise, Nide 2

Macmillan, 1869 - 524 sivua

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Sivu 283 - I have lived with communities of savages in South America and in the East, who have no laws or law courts but the public Opinion of the village freely expressed. Each man scrupulously respects the rights of his fellow, and any infraction of those rights rarely or never takes place. In such a community, all are nearly equal.
Sivu 344 - HO page of it fails to show an acute and highly intelligent observer, that it stimulates the imagination as well as the judgment of the reader, and that, it is on perhaps the most interesting subject that can attract an Englishman who cares about his country.
Sivu 284 - It is not too much to say that the mass of our populations have not at all advanced beyond the savage code of morals, and have in many cases sunk below it.
Sivu 151 - At the time of its excitement, however, the wings are raised vertically over the back, the head is bent down and stretched out, and the long plumes are raised up and expanded till they form two magnificent golden fans, striped with deep red at the base, and fading off into the pale brown tint of the finely divided and softly waving points. The whole bird is then overshadowed by them, the crouching body, yellow head, and emerald-green throat forming but the foundation and setting to the golden glory...
Sivu 343 - Charmingly written;" says the SPECTATOR, "full, as might be expected, of incident, and free from that wearisome reiteration of useless facts which is the drawback to almost all books of African travel.
Sivu 283 - Now, although we have progressed vastly beyond the savage state in intellectual achievements, we have not advanced equally in morals.
Sivu 279 - I was much struck with this when in the island of Bali I saw Chinese traders who had adopted the costume of that country and who could then hardly be distinguished from Malays ; and on the other hand, I have seen natives of Java who, as far as physiognomy was concerned, would pass very well for Chinese."* 15.
Sivu 166 - Leptorhynchus angustatus, a linear beetle with a much elongated rostrum, "fighting for a female, who stood close by busy at her boring. They pushed at each other with their rostra, and clawed and thumped, apparently in the greatest rage.
Sivu 283 - Each man scrupulously respects the rights of bis fellow, and any infraction of those rights rarely or never takes place. In such a community, all are nearly equal. There are none of those wide distinctions, of education and ignorance, wealth and poverty, master and servant, which are the product of our civilization ; there is none of that wide-spread division of labour, which, while it increases wealth, produces also conflicting interests ; there is not that severe competition and struggle for existence,...
Sivu 276 - The Malay is of short stature, brown-skinned, straight-haired, beardless, and smooth-bodied. The Papuan is taller, is black-skinned, frizzly-haired, bearded, and hairybodied. The former is broad-faced, has a small nose, and flat eyebrows ; the latter is long-faced, has a large and prominent nose and projecting eyebrows. The Malay is bashful, cold, undemonstrative, and quiet ; the Papuan is bold, impetuous, excitable, and noisy. The former is grave, and seldom laughs ; the latter is joyous, and laughterloving...

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