Sivut kuvina

... I a prejudice almost have taken This is speech, I know, not all can To what still the Eye can see ;

hear it : n Faith's gufto this conclufion But if any one has Jesu's Spirit, making,

Let him pity me, he knows I should in my casket be

All my throbbings and my throws. Lockd up, as our God, who me in

9. I speak this, being yet above closes,

ground walking, elus, in the Father hid (one knows) But my heart's on dying set. is :

My Love's CRUCIFY'D! — while Chrift-like hearts no fancies lead, this I'm speaking, Ne on noble grounds proceed. In me works that amulet : ;. I'm God's Corn, that's grinding There's no more anEarth-filame in me fine at present,

ruling, To become clean bread for Chrift: But a well of water * clear and coolBe it only to his dear mouth pleasant, ing,

And by him monopoliz'd! Which with impetus tends home, Why should ought remain, to th' Bids me to the Father come. world a nuisance,

* John iv. 14. since co lufts it me no more can use

10. I've no mind for eating or for once ?

drinking Or stuft I with Jesus-mien,

Food, which must corrupt again : Be 'mongst men like spectre seen?

Of God's Bread, that heav'nly, I am 5. [Pardon me, I know my own true thinking, int'rest :

Jesus Christ's Flesh I'd obtain, Now I'm first disciple-like. Who was formed of the feed of let, dear Church ! 'tis love, when

David; thou me hind'reft :

And his Blood is Drink, o how I Bat fome Pow'ss would at me strike, crave it! Out of envy at my peace and blessing; From Earth's life to be set free, Yet let them me cross, my clay be In Love's immortality,

teazing, What avails it? I'm in him, Dead already thro' each limb.)

184. 7. To reign o'er the earth’s remotest borders,

Description of the primitive Is to me not half so sweet,

religious Assemblies. As what me to die with Jesus fur. thers :

IN this sense we're a Body,
Him, ev'n Him alone I'd get,

In one Religion's study
Who for us upon the Cross expired, By Institutes united,
Kose again, is now from light retired : We're to one Hope invited.
I am trafficking for Gain,

2. Hence juftly we allemble, And it all lies in this Man.

God's Ear in his high I emple, 8. Let me be his mutual imitator, By Prayer more explicit, Part of that whole hecatomb,

Confed'rate to so icit. Who die back into their dear Crea. 3. To him sweet violence 'tis ! tor

Here we are ev'n for Princes, O'er his Paffion, Corpse and Tomb



For Earth's peace interceding,

14. Who to our Words gives credit, For Patience t'wards it pleading.

And has in heart acceded 4. We meet to hear some Leffon,

To th'Doctrine and Life's fashion, Adapted to the season,


initiation : Out of God's Writings taken, 15. We with him beg God's Favour; Which holy thoughts doth waken. Then he's brought to the Laver, 5. Thereon our Faith feeds greedy; Where we once were instated From what has been already, In Grace, and new created. Our hope draws strength and fewel ; 16. The Name of Tri-une Godhead We mark fome Precept's jewel. Unto this Act is added. 6. Instructions homiletic

The Ordinance's reason,
Are giv'n with Pow'r magnetic. We hold, is Sin's deep Seisin :

17. For, as that rul'd in darkness Sometimes the Zeal intenser And thro' our parents likeness ; Muit exercise Church-censure. But we shall be Light's offspring, 7. Well-weigh'd this is and weighty, As knowing now its Well-spring; In concert with th’Almighty : 18. To aid this our transition, A branch from the Tree broken,

Water brings Sin's Remiffion. It worse than death Mould reckon. Illumination rightly

Is call'd this Bath so mighty. 8. If we use Brother's titie, It is no figure idle :

19. By precept of our Master, One Spirit we have, one Father,

Are brought unto the Pastor Came from one womb together. Bread and a Cup, which taking, 9. One thing each has peculiar, And Prayer o'er them making, His Wife (each House's ruler :)

20. Th'assembly Amen speaking ; That in all else not sunder'd

They thro' help of the Deacon We are, have Heathens wonder'd.

To th' faithful are imparted, 10. Our Agape's unfeigned;

Yea absent ones true-hearted. For gholly views ordained ; 21. For 'tis no common Feeding ; Mix'd with, no deviation

Baptism must be preceding, From, confiant Adoration.

And Love stand undeclining, 11. 'Tis meetly interspersed T'enjoy the awful Meaning With Godiy Hymns, rehearsed 22. Ev'n as our Saviour Jesus From Scripture, or from motion Took Flesh for to release us; Of private Heart's devotion.

So we are taught, the blessed The Close is in like manner ; Materials now expressed, As bound unto Christ's banner, 23, (Which shall be, us to gladden, Each, not to join the torrent Our Frame and veins pervading) Of Follies on Earth current.

The Flesh and Blood are even 13. But with profound impression, Of him, who came from Heaven. To his Work and profession

Juftin. Goes home, does with him carry Breath of the Sanctuary.

[Tertul. Apol.




And never let us perish;

Free us from the pow'r of Sin, Wir glauben all' an einen Gott. When we depart, us cherish.

From the Evil one defend, Elieve we all in our Lord God,

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Althings that pow'rful Hand respect. "To And thanks that he's so


In him, who us adopted had,

Grant Weapons of thy making. That we now may call himFather. He will always for us provide,

Amen, Amen, be it yea !

Then we will fing Hallelujah.
Soul and Body careful he'll hide,
He'll avert Misfortunes from us,
Mischief thall not overcome us ;

He us spares, and he us bears, allein Gott in der hoeh sey ehr.
What he has deck'd, He can protect,

high all be,

And thanks that he's so Believe we too in Jesus Christ, i God's own Son, our Lord and

gracious, Mafter,

That hence to all eternity Who with his father e'er abides

No Evil shall oppress us ; God, as full of pow'r and Luftre. God is well pleas’d with human Race, By th'o'ershadowing o'th' Spirit,

There's now confirm'd a lafting Peace The Maid Mary him conceived,

All enmity is ended. Him a perfect Man has borne ;

Thee we adore and laud and Then for all who were forlorn,

praise, On mount Calvary he dy'd,

And thank for thy great Glory, Rose from the dead, and took his Father ! that thy Realm lafts always, Seat,

Not frail or transitory : From whence again we wait him yet. Thy Pow'r is endless as thy praise,

Thou speak'st, the Universe obeys. The Holy Ghoft's also contest

In such a Lord we're happy.
God with Son and Father ver'ly,
A Comforter of all th'oppreft,

3. O Jesu Christ, thou only Child Who with gifts endows us fairly. By whom all Strife is reconcild,

Of thy celeftial Father,
Christ's whole Family upon Earth

And all the loft find succour;
Is call'd to one mind and faith ;
Absolution from all Sin ;

God's Lamb, our only holy Lord ! Resurrection of this skin.

To needy prayers thy Ear afford,

And on us all have mercy.
We ne'er droop, but look and hope,
Beyond the Grave, a happy, safe

4.O holy Ghost, our sovereign Good And everlasting Life to have.

And highest Consolation
From fatan's pow'r henceforth keep


What Chrift did save and ransom Gott der Ugter wohn 111s ber.

Thro' Torment great and bitter

smart; NOD our Father!

All Mischief and all harm avert:

dwell Our Lord Jesus !

We trust thou'lt this accomplish.

within, Holy Spirit !

II. From


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2. Thou shalt by me be praised, II. From the Eastern Church. And thy Name shall be blessed

Throughout the revolutions

Of all the several Æons.
Δόξα εν υψίστοις Θεώ. .

3. Bless this Day, Lord and Saviour

Let us enjoy thy favour,
TO God on high all glory be, And in thee find protection

And Peace on earth regain. From ev'ry fin's infection. ed, Good will e’wards Man: we give to | To thee be, through our Prayers,


Lord thou God of our fathers, thee With this hymn thanks unfeigned. Brought Praise and glory. Amen.

Whene'er thee we are naming, We praise thee, we fall at thy feet

5. O Lord, whose praise I utter, With holy rey’rence, as 'tis meet, We also bring Thank-off'ring,

Teach me thy Kingdom's nature :}; 2. Because of thy great majefty,

6. Lord, who art our protection

Through ev'ry generation,
Lord King, who fo transcendent
Dost reach beyond all Heavens high, 1 Have mercy on thy Creature.

Have Mercy, my Creator !
From whom all is dependent :
Thou, who the Father art and God, 17. Lord, be my Soul's Physician
And Christ his only Son avow'd,

Because all my transgression And Holy Ghoit, Jehovah !

Hath been against Thee acted, 3. Son of the Father, Lamb of God! My Cry's to thee directed. Who bear'st the World's transgres- :. Above all, I beseech thee, fion,

How I can please thee, teach me! Yea truly bar't Sin's heavy load,

For from thee God, comes flowing Let us find thy compassion!

T'he Spring that's Life bestowing ; Receive the cries, we offer now 9. The light from thy Face darting, Before the holy Place, where thou Alone is Light imparting :

Sitt'st at thy Father's right Hand. Othew thy mercy freely 4. Have

To such as know thee truly.
mercy on us, for besides
Thee, there is no one holy;
Thou art the only Lord, who guides

All things, alone pure truly ;
So as at God the Father's Hand,

Φως ιλαρόν αγίας δόξης. . Lord Jesus Chrift! the sole Com. mand

Hou lightsome Day, the joy. Belongs unto thee. Amen.

ful Shine

Of th' holy Gloria 189.

Of the immortal Sire divine,
Καθ' εκάτην ημέραν ευλογήσω σε. .

Who does the heavens sway ;
Ach day, that I am living,

2. Of th' Holy and the blessed one;

O Christ our Lord and Head ! I praise chee with Thankfgiving ;

Since now the Sun is going down, Thy Name's Glorification

And we see Ev’ning red : I'll sing without cessation.

3. There





3. Therefore be by this praising, Must our Life and Doctrine joined, tone

For return, good odour send. Ador'd the Lord of hosts, 7. Jesu, make it our whole traffick, The Father, his beloved Son, How thee, Babe so beatific,

And God the Holy Ghost. We thy Seed, a race pacific, 4. Important 'tis indeed, to bring, May effe&tually praise. God Son, to thee all Praise,

Clem. Alex. To let each voice thy glory fing While there are Hours and days ;

192. 5. Because thou art of Life the Prince, Therefore shall never cease,

“Ιλαθι τους σοίς, κτλ. Throughout the World's circumfe.

E propitious,
Thy Glory and thy praise.

As it is thine Ure,

Unto us thy children tender, 6. Father incomprehensible,

Israel's Father once and Leader!
Equally fov'reign Son,

Jehovah ! in one,
God Holy Ghost in the same throne,

Sire of days and Son !
One indivisible!

2. Grant that we, who walk

Thy Religion's track, 191.

May attain, amidst all weakness,

The due measure of thy Likeness ; Bportas yereãs cūTEP '17,.

And thee a God kind, 1. Teru, Saviour of Man's nature,

And no hard Judge, find.
Who on it bestowest culture, 3. Thyself all things give !
And on whose Wing from Hell's In thy Peace we live,

Into thy City transplanted :
Thy own doves escape on high; Yet one wish we have, grant it!

unhurt 2. Fisher of the Souls, allured

By sin's wave Out of this World's lake so putrid,

Let us reach the Port. To bathe in a purer Spirit,

4. Let us inly calm Drawn by bait of heav'nly life!

Well attend the Aim 3 Be our Leader, O most holy !

Of thy holy Spirit blessed,
Children, who redeemd from folly, Wisdom ne'er by words expressed ;
Fain would be no more unruly,

And so praises pay,
But a clean and princely Race.

Till the perfect Day, 4. Sweet it is to follow Jesus,


To the Father's throne, Word eternal, Splendor gracious;

Ta our Lord the Son,
He will now those Virtues teach us,

To the Spirit of consolation.
Which beseem the friends of God. All good things an Emânation

From Thee the first Fair,
5. We that Milk sincere have tafted,
Our infantile lips have hafted,

From the just One, are ! On his breasts of Grace have feated:

Let us praise our Nourisher ! 6. Let us bring him songs unfeigned: To our King, for us once pained,



Idema. .

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