Sivut kuvina

Thy People with Salvation crown,
Bless those, O God, that are chine own :
Govern thy Church, and Lord, advance
For ever thine Inheritance.

From day to day, O Lord, do we
Highly exalt and honour 'Thee.
Thy Name we worship and adore
World without End for evermore.
Vouchsafe, O Lord, we humbly pray,
To keep us safe from Sin this Day.
O Lord, have Mercy on us all ;
Have mercy on us, when we call.
Thy Mercy, Lord, to us dispense
According to our confidence.
Lord, we have put our Trust in thee,
Confounded let us never be.

7. Then a wondrous Wound was


Blood and Water thence did flow; CHrid precisely and of him tatil This not calually happena, We in Retrospect now have it, Grace compleat to it we owe.

That God once on Earth did walk. 8. When his Body venerable 2. He's the Source, and he's the Thus was awfully broke up, Ending

How did it ttie Fiend disable, Of past, present, and to come: Robbid of his malicious hope ! Cbaos on his Word depending,


What availd him, Revolution Yielded Worlds out of her womb. In God's Creature to intrigue ? 3. When he faw, that Plant so tender, Man's reftor'd in conftitution, Man incorr'd Death's legal wound,

With his God again in League. He took Flesh, as its Defender; 10. This áttaind in manner lasting, Plant himself out of dry ground. • Jesus to his Throne ascends, # Isai. liii. 2.

Add th’ Archievement of Death 4. O how blessed was the Morning,

tafting That the Child who all redeems,

'Midft his Godlike Scutcheon As a Virgin's Son, was born in!

blends.. She with Him, he with Grace teems.

11. Our Deliv'rer ! take our praises : 5. Most benign with Men he acted, Hoary Age alike and Youth,

If his Life's Memoirs we read: Matron, Virgin, Babe, now raises In his Person was compacted

Notes to fing thy Love and Truth Health for us and heav'nly bread. 6. But the conflia of his. Pallon

I mult chiefly celebrate ;
All his chosen Generation
In their hearts infcribe this Date,

Heb. ii. g.

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Far as the Sun its beams extends, l'eni, Redemptor gentium,

Praise him to the World's utmost ends.

2. The whole world's Maker sove. Dun komun der heyden Deiland.

Aviour of the Nations come, Affum'da servant's Body mean,

Born a Child from Virgin's That he the Flesh by Flesh mighc womb !

save, At which wonders every land,

Nor quite to wreck his Creature God for him such Birth ordain'd.

leave. 2. Not begot like men unclean,

3. The Heart fo meek (that inward But without the Stain of sin;

house) In our Nature God was born,

Of Mary, God for Temple chose; Us co save, who were forlorn.

Who, tho' no Man had interpos d, 3. Lo! a Virgin doth conceive, Was found with child from th'Holy Yet Virginity not leave ;

Ghost. All the female Virtues were Thron'd in her, for God was there. 4. The Mother then brought forth

her Child ; 4 From his chambers forth, he went, 1 So Gabriel's promise was fulfill'd ; Left bright Glory's element; Of him John also much would say, And at once both God and Man,

By leaping while in th'womb he layHe his blefied Course began. 5. On straw in greatest poverty 5. His path from the Father came, He lay ; th’hard Manger patiently And returns unto the same :

He bore ; a little Milk him fed, He as low as Hell goes down, Who ne'er a bird lets suffer need. And then back unto God's Throne. 6. The heav'nly host rejoice thereat, 6. O thou God-like every way, And Angel-hymns it celebrate ; Carry thy victorious Sway

Poor Shepherds news of one obtain, In the Fieth to fuch a length, Maker and Shepherd of all Men, That we gain thy Godly Strength." 17.Thanks, praise be to thee evermore 7. Bright thy Manger Thines and Christ,whom the pure Virgin bore, clear

God Father, Son and Spirit blelt, :
The night yields a new light there! | Eternal Laud to you's addrest.
Darkness niuft not enter in,
Faith abides in constant Shine.
8. Now be God the Father prais d ;
God the loving Son embrac'd ;
God the Spirit also be
Thank'a to all eternity.

A folis ortus cardinė.

2137 Chriftum wir Collen loben schort. NO Christ be now our homage

paid, The Son of Mary that chaste Maid



214. diobet regå du Jesus Chrif. T

"Hat Star fo beauteous,

Ye Magi! which ye see, 1. JESUS, all praise is due to thee, Doth point out duteous Je That thou'rt pleas'd a Man to

A brighter Majesty. be:

Your hearts expanding,ak,who is it? A Virgin's Womb thou didît not 'Tis God incarnate makes us a Visit, fcorn,

2. That Source of Bleffing, And Angels shout to fee thee born. To Abra'm nam'd of old ;

Hallelujah. To rule unceasing, 2. The blessed Father's only Son

As Welle's branch, foretold; Chose a manger for his throne ; (His Realm, as God, ne'er had di. The everlasting Sov'reign Good

menfions) Affumes our feeble Flesh and Blood. Begins his human Race and Preten


fions. 3. Whom earth could not contain nor 3. O Boy, appointed kies,

For threefold Character ! On a Woman's lap now lies ; To thee's presented He, who the World's foundation laid, Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. Is now a little Infant made.

Of the two former what's th' inten.

Hallelujah. tion ? 4. Th'eternal Splendor is in fight, The Sceptre and Godhead already Gives the world its saving Light, mention'd. And drives the clouds of Sins away, 4. But why that latter: To make us children of the Day. The Caufe must all furprize!

Hallelujah. That spicy Matter 5. The Son, th'almighty God con To burial Use applies. fess'd,

Oh yes! and God into Death's valley Was in his own world a Guest;

Himself would stoop, that we thence And open'd, through this World of

might rally. ftrife,

5. Betble'm, thou'rt greeted, A Way to everlasting Life.

Who bear'st the Prince of life!

Hallelujah. Be all united 6. For therefore poor on earth he

In praises of your Chief; came,

Ye dead and living, bleft and com. That we might his Riches claim ;

plaining ! To make us Heirs of endless bliss,

None need in Death be henceforth With all those darling faints of his.


Prui. Hallelujah. 7. For us these Wonders hath he

215. wrought,


duc'd, Then let us all unite to sing

And all the other Creatures ; Praise to our new.bota God and For Man the Lord's near touch was King,

usid, Hallelujab. T'impart his breath and features:

Why this ! 'twas from a prospect 4. Jelu, who by thinc own love flair mild,

By thine ownPow's took 'ft life again, That once his Splendor undefild And Conqu'ror from the grave He'd in this frame embody.

didit rise : 2 The curious Image was disgrac'd, O may thy Death our hearts revive,

To death and frailty sliding : And at our death a new Life given Th'eternal Lover then made hafte, A glorious life that never dies.

And in such Tent residing, 5. Jefu, who to thy Heav'n again Took that same clay which we had Return'dit in triumph, there to reign marr'd,

Of men and angels rov 'reign King: And round his own Heart wrapt it o may our parting Souls take flight hard,

Up to that Land of joy and light, To snatch it from all Damage.

And there for ever grateful fing. 3. Christ is our Flesh : I can lay 6. All glory to the sacred Thrce, claim

One undivided Deity, Both to his Death and Rising. All honour, pow's, and love, and View I him dead? I this can name praise :

My competent chastising: Still may thy blessed Name Shine And when he from the Tomb revives, bright 'Tis fixt that he as Man still lives, In beams of uncreated light, And I as his Companion.

Crown`d with its own eternal Rays

Idem. 216.

217 JF Lead to thy Cradle by a ftar,

behold the Wise from far, Bring gifts to thee their God and

9 Lanım Gottes en couldig. King:

Lamb of God our Saviour ! O guide us by thy Light, that we

O and on the Tree of forrow! The Way may find, and so to thee Our Hearts, our all, for tribute Thy suff'ring meek Behaviour

Paid what thou didst not borrow. bring. 2. Jeli, the pure, the spotless Lamb, Thy Bearing our tranfgresion

Secur'd us from Damnation. Who to the Temple humbly came,

Duteous the legal Rights to pay: Have mercy upon us, O Jesu! Ojelu ! O make our froud, our stubborn, 2. Lamb of God, our Saviour,&c. Will

Acknowledge thou us, Jesu! All thy wise gracious Laws fulfil,

Jesa! Whate'er rebellious Nature fay. 3. O Lamb of God, our Saviour,&c. 3. Jelu, who on the fatal Wood O grant us thy Peace, O Jesu! Pour'uift forth thy Life's last drop of Jesu! blocd,

218. Naild to th' accurled shameful

Bedenk an dein's Couns hittern tod. cross : O may we bless tly Love, and be

Hink on thy

Son's so bitter Ready, dear Lord, to bear for thee

Death, All thanie, all grief, all pain, alls His five dear Wounds and thorny lols.



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Agnus Dei.

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For they have full Atonement made, When dying, I'll greet thee,
For all the World a ransom paid. And rest from my labour :
This comforts us eternally,

To thee at last my Soul shall haste.
And makes us hope for Mercy free.


8. My Jesu's firf bleeding 219.

At his Circumcifion,

His earliest Blood-shedding,
The Seven Blood-Sheddings. Did loudly petition,

And mercy free defir'd for me.
Dem heiligen blut.

9. He's God come from Heaven ;

But ev'n in our Nature,
Evoutly and loving,

Unto him is given
To efi's Blood's honour,
We onward are moving ;

The Sway o'er each Creature:

All Knees shall bow 'fore JESUS And have our safe harbour

low. Within the bounds of his bleft

10. The name of the Saviour, Wounds.

As Prophets made mention, 2. Blood worthy of Praises !

To me doth discover
Come streaming from Jesus

His bloody Redemption ;
O'er us, and all Classes

Who Man was made of David's Seed.
Of Sinners, and bless us ;

11. That name is most precious, We humbly fee, and call on thee.

In Rose-colour written,
3. Thy Blood (Felu flaughter'd!) So sweet's the Name Jesus,
Which flow'd o'er thy Body,

It all things does sweeten:
And then the ground water'd ;

But dreadful sounds to all hell.
Make all the World bloody,

hounds. Mildly bedew the lands below!

12. The great Boys and younger 4. O dear bleeding Saviour !

Thy first Wound hath gained ;
I long to embrace thee,

The Young men in Honour
While thousand Drops cover,

Here keep them unstained :
Hang on thee, and grace thee;

Without it, what's the Married State? And catch the Juice thy wounds

II, diffuse.

13. So patient a Gardner 5. For all thy Wounds painful,

Who knows, and unwearied,
Which glad I remember,

His Flowers to water ?
I hourly am thankful,

His Blood he not spared ;
And praise their whole number ; | But pours on that with dearest Sweat.
Me, dearest Lamb! thou fav'df by In Oliver's garden,

Before the Jeu's bound him, 6. Before thy Feet, Master ?

Moft heavily laden
I call me, and kiss them,

I kneeling have found him,
And closer and faster

Wat'ring the Ground with Blood.
I clasp them, and bless them;

sweat round. Nor know I where to be, but here.

15. With blood and sweat mingled, 7. O holy Side ! sweetly

From all his whole Body,
I'll lie in chy barbour :



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